A Computers

There are days in this world, people were longing to get to know about many things in and around the world. But now a day’s computer places a dominant role among people, companies and lots more. This computer is called as a device. This device performs two things which are arithmetic or logical this called as operations which do automatically. This device has the capability to solve many problems which this device has been programmed accordingly. A computer has its own features to support like the central processing unit and to store there will be always memorized. First generation computers are very big there was no much of technology where many decades ago people had very less resources people were using computers made of irons and a mechanical engineer  named Charles Babbage and polymath were both created a concept of programmable computer who are being called as the father and creators of  computer.

A Computer

They were told that they are the one who created the first mechanical computer where it was in the 19th century. Stage by stage, people who have involved in this cycle will come up with conditional branching. Loops and integrated memory are more. These inventions day by day made technology a vast improvement by ages. Olden day’s people had had computers which are handmade which creates lot problem when some problem comes from particular parts again people have to make those parts in the hands. These types of problem create a lot of panic and it took many decades to solve this.

The later stages scientist has come up with analog computers where it was not successful on 20th century where it lacked in many sectors like it is not programmable, also had a huge lake in accuracy and so on. After a few years of a lot of hard work scientist have created their first electromechanical computers, which were made by a famous navy of the United States it is also called as analog computer where it was used in a submarine as it is small enough to fit in. where nowadays ages by ages computer had made a big impact among people like a small device like smart phone where people in 21st century are much more into networking and connecting people in and around the world. People are getting connected each other from wherever they are. There are many types of operating system runs in different type of computer which has its own logics and function.