How to make your construction work easier?

Well, we all know that a good infrastructure speaks for itself. It is a marker of resources available with the building reflecting that infrastructure. With the advancement of technology, there is not only an increase in the kind of design in construction work but also in the ways we can make the construction work more easier and efficient.

Constructing something requires a lot of hard work and of course planning. Without proper planning, no matter how much hard work has been put there are chances that it could fail and lead to nothing else but waste.

erp software for construction industry

erp software for construction industry starts from the day a person decides that he/she is willing to start it. Pre-construction requires a roadmap for the building’s conception and design. Then comes the real work of procuring the right kind of materials before the actual construction work starts. You then have to deal with the main contractor and ensure whether he is competitive enough to bring your ideas into reality or not. Followed by long and tiresome dealings with the sub-constructor and nominated contractor. Then there are material suppliers, consultants, and project managers to help in the execution of the desired project. No, if you think the work is completed now, you are wrong. You still have to deal with post-construction maintenance and of course documentation for the initiation of payments.

Sounds like a hell lot of trouble right?

But, with the introduction of Yonyou’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, all of these tasks have become quite simple. Technology certainly has its charms. It automates the manual processes so that the work quality gets improved and any unnecessary loss of time is prevented. The productivity is undoubtedly enhanced because of lower operating costs. But, all of this doesn’t mean the quality gets decreased, instead, you find it has rather improved.

The salient features of Project Management Platform and ERP include:

Asset Management

Since all stakeholders come under one umbrella, the chances of erroneous stocktaking are almost zero. The centralized digital system to store data makes data entry easier and more accessible.

Contract Management

Manual management of contracts is time-consuming and prone to errors and inaccuracy. The contracts stored here are safe and can only be accessed by relevant stakeholders.

Claim Management

The delays in manually getting approvals for claims and getting payment issued are too much to bear. This is due to the time taken in transferring the documents from the site to the HQ. With the inclusion of an external Subcon stakeholder, the entire task becomes streamlined.

Drawing Management

Since the data is centralized, updating drawings becomes simple. The asymmetrical flow of redundant information becomes limited and is protected with strict authorization standards.