gmdss navtex receiver

When it comes to NAVTEX, it is a method of the weather forecast and navigational warnings from designed stations of coast radio. All English language transmissions are usually made on the NAVTEX channel as 518 kHz. Each NAVTEX station is allocated many times slots mainly during the day while it is permitted to transmit usually at intervals of four hourly. To this, the exceptions are gale warning and rescue and search messages which might be at any time get transmitted. 518 kHz NAVTEX transmission’s reception is usually limited to a 200-300 miles radius area around each transmitting station. At night, although considerably greater ranges might be possible. In case, within the coverage area, the vessel is located in several NAVTEX stations then the GMDSS NAVTEX receiver might overwhelm with information.

Quick start

  • Equipment connections application.
  • At the vessel’s power switch panel, apply power.
  • After a few seconds delay, the GMDSS NAVTEX will startup.
  • Set UTC date and time.
  • Select antenna configuration as active or passive.
  • Now, the GMDSS NAVTEX will start to display and receive.

gmdss navtex receiver

Safety notices

  • The built-in fuse should not be bypassed.
  • The GMDSS NAVTEX system should not be connected to a DC supply usually exceeding 31 V or the supply polarity be reversed.
  • The GMDSS NAVTEX system is designed mainly for the operation to be done in the temperature range of -15 C to +55 C. So, a system in the environment should not exceed this range.
  • The GMDSS NAVTEX main unit should not be connected directly to an electrical supply of AC as it can result in fire hazards or simply electric shock.
  • The unit of GMDSS NAVTEX is not waterproof. Thus, it must be protected from water’s direct contact and be located in a dry place.


  1. Cleaning Instructions
  • Clean the LCD front window periodically with a soft lint-free cloth like those supplied by opticians mainly for cleaning spectacles.
  • Cleaning solvents should not be used on any GMDSS NAVTEX part.
  1. General Points to Check
  • Make sure periodically that the antenna connector is well sealed. Also, there isn’t a corrosion sign around the PL259 connector.
  • Connections should be of the GMDSS NAVTEX back display are secure.


It can be concluded that the GMDSS NAVTEX receiver is usually left running, and repeated messages fail to display more than once. Therefore, it can be set up mainly for displaying those messages and station categories that require to receive.