The Job Role of a Video Game Tracker

The video game industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry per year. If products containing errors and other technical problems are sold, the company will not only lose money, but also damage its reputation. Poor game magazine reviews and negative comments on online gaming websites and forums will result in a big loss in sales for the game editor. A game tracker, better known as a quality control tracker (QA = quality control), should identify all errors, problems and anything that may affect the gameplay before the game is released. Following this process means that the final version is playable, error-free, and most importantly, you will get great results and comments online. Great ratings and comments = more money for the game editor. Video game leaderboard tracker are the last line of defense against errors and technical failures.

Unfortunately for you, game makers don’t pay players for their favorite games for fun.

You will almost always work on a joint project with clear instructions on which specific parts of the game you should try. Here’s how a game tracker makes money that cost him so much to win. In essence, you will try to break the game.


As an example, you once worked on a first-person shooting game, testing a specific stage. My job was to check a map, which included tripping over walls, objects, and other supposedly impenetrable barriers at different speeds and at different angles, to see if this could happen. He also shot at walls and objects with various weapons, and tried to climb to the ground to exceed the limit. The purpose of this test session was to check whether the borders of the map worked correctly and whether other objects in the game reacted correctly when shooting, read more at

Another example is to play a racing game and try to drive the car off the map, see what happens if you run in the wrong direction, and basically do everything possible to cause problems with the game code.When you try the game, you will understand that all levels are loaded correctly, in the game the elements of weapons and objects work as they should, and the weather effects and graphics of the game are displayed correctly. Concentration is very important, since you must ensure that all problems are not lost, as this will negatively affect the gameplay for customers.


In fact, you will not play the game for entertainment or personal pleasure. You must act professionally at all times and strictly follow the recommendations of the project. This can become somewhat tedious, and many people get tired of work after a few months. You may find yourself in a situation where you play the same game for weeks, even months. It is possible that when you finish working on a particular game, you will never want to play it again! Very often, video game leaderboard tracker accumulates hundreds of hours of play in one project.