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The computer is an electronic device which brings a great change in human history and makes the work easy. This kind of electronic item become a mandatory part in human life. Apart from other devices, the computer is one of the few inventions which bring the revolutionary change in each and every part of the world. Once the development of the computer has begun, several researchers have evolved and took part in it and keep on evaluated. Computer invention is gradually started with two distinct modules: one is parts which are required to build the computer and types of function which can be performed with it. The exposure of first computer begins in 1936 which was created by Konrad Zuse. In future then the computer is enhanced into Z1 computer with complete programming package. At the beginning of computer exposure, there is no business development up to seven years. After that demand of computer usage kept of increasing and the first company took forward and makes use of ABC computer for business enhancement. Once the people came to have knowledge on the computer then they further started to perform some research on the science of computing and concentrated on improving the functionality of the computer in different style.

A Computer

Organization Of Computer Platform

Computers are classified into different shapes and size which perform a multiple tasks at a time. Previously the size of the computer is too big and it categorized the storage with respect to the size of the computer. For example, the computer used in home is completely different in look and size as compared to computers which are used at office. Super computer is one type of computer which is bigger in size and it cost really high than any other type of computers. Super computer performs specialized function that is more than billions of instructions within a second. This computer is especially used by the government to perform the secure operation and store a huge amount of information without any interruption. This type of device also specialized in performing high-quality animation used in movies. The second type of computer is Mainframe computers which are an evaluated part of the super computer and this can also perform billions of instruction per second. The third type of computer is Minicomputer. This computer is small in size and less expensive. This can also perform the multiple operations at a time but less than mainframe and a super computer.