A Computer

Computer plays a significant role in every home and office. The latest generation depends upon computer. They can able to do all work quickly and faster. With the help of the computer we can learn lot of things from the born baby to dying people. The whole world business is running with the help of the computer. Without that we cannot survive in future, because it is predict the present, future and also the past.

Different Types Of Companies And Generation In Computer

 A Computers

We have different types of computer and different types of generation in computers. Since the computer is bought in the market on the base of the generation and capacity and companies, for example the different types of computer companies are Apple, Dell, Hp, Sony, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba and so on. And these companies’ computers are running with different generation of technologies for example, Intel i3 1st generation, 2nd generation, third generation and at present fourth generation are running. Likewise we have in Intel i5 four generation and Intel i7 we have four generations. Each computer is programmed with different types of software. For example Apple use mac pro as their operating system, whereas other companies like Dell, Hp is using Microsoft programming as their software. Depends on the need of the people the computer were used. For home purpose they like to use i3 and for office use they like to use i5 and i7 is used for the IT companies those who need high technology method.

These computers are doing lots of work like accounting, storing data base for the present and future use. In olden days people need to put more human resources for written work, accounting and data keeping. But now we have lot of software like ERP, SAP, Quick Books, and Tally in computer for accounting and data keeping. Without much strain and effort people can complete all their work with the help of computer. In bank we have a separate computer service which will help to keep all the details of the customer and they can clarify all their account details immediately. In every field people are using computer and this will make them to complete their work soon. Not only for work purpose can people use gaming computer to try different types of games. Many people like to buy computer for prestige and most of the people are using it for their regular. From the small trade business to the high level business all are using computer and it helps to succeed in their business.