For small and medium enterprises or SMEs nowadays, being able to enjoy the benefits of utilizing what technology can offer is an added edge over their competitors in business, and one great alternative that a lot of SMEs enjoy is the Desktop as a Service or DaaS.

DaaS provides a company’s employees the advantages of a virtual desktop-style infrastructure minus the virtual desktop infrastructure’s prohibitive costs making it a very important alternative.

So what is a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)? In technical term, it is a form of a virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI in which the latter is handled by a third-party company or service provider by outsourcing it to their clients compared to the conventional way for VDI that is stored in-house by its user. This is also known as the hosted desktop services which the DaaS is usually utilized in delivering the cloud service along with the other applications that are needed to use that is very similar to a virtual desktop.

Just like cloud computing, the Desktop as a Service is also designed to handle storage, security, and data back-up for the user and it is also capable of being upgraded to support new applications and patches.

To further explain the advantages of using Desktop-as-a-Service, check out an outlined information below courtesy of Amaze, an Australia-based dedicated server company that offers the best DaaS, managed colocation, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Virtual Workspace services.

  1. Highly accessible– You can access your data and your resources anytime and anywhere because DaaS allows the users to access their desktop over the internet through other computers, laptop computers, smartphone, and tablet just like a virtual desktop which provides them unprecedented freedom as well as flexibility.
  2. Cost-effective investment– Considering that it still uses its classic subscription model, DaaS is designed to reduce the cost of investing on desktop hardware, licensing, and servers which slowly depreciates and loses its value over time.
  3. Low operating cost– Considering that DaaS eliminates the heavy housekeeping costs, it enables the resources to be streamlined or redeployed to more important uses while it also lowers the space, power and the cooling requirements of the hardware.
  4. Agile and efficient– Due to its dynamic nature, DaaS is known for its quick scalability and provisioning, not to mention its other affordable models which will truly fit for an organization’s requirement to expand quickly or in want to respond to an opportunity right away.
  5. Enhanced security features– DaaS is also known to divert the security responsibilities away from the individual device and places it within a safe and secured data center infrastructure which is equipped with the highest levels of security and protection from outside and internal threats. The valuable data is no longer exposed to threats even when using a local device.
  6. Highly reliable– Users can heavily rely on Desktop as a service’s capability because of its consistent access and performance because of its ability to serve up desktop through solution providers which are usually quoted to a nearly hundred percent when it comes to the uptime levels which is based on a combination of high-grade infrastructure, support, as well as security.

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