Private Search Engines

If you have a feeling that you are being traced or stalked every time you go online, then it is time that you use something more private every time you use the web. You can always Google and other search engines, but this will not give you the privacy that you need. If you are not yet aware of what private search engines are, then this article is definitely for you.

Uses of Private Search Engines

The private search engines are specifically created for those who are concerned about the privacy of their personal data. Every time you search something using a search engine, this will record the IP address that can later be used to locate you, the Cookies that can be helpful to trace search queries, your data and time of the query, as well as the search results.

All of this information can be used by a third-party company which will then use your information for developing their personalized ads. If you are not comfortable with having your information open to the public, then you can start using a private search engine. Other than that, users will also get unbiased results for their searches when they use a private search engine.

Most Popular Private Search Engines

There are so many private search engines to choose from. But this 2020, it would be best to know which of them are the most trusted ones. Which of these engines can provide you with the most effective privacy that you need?

  • This well-established private search engine is the 7th largest worldwide. Anonymous identifiers are not used in this engine which is why people cannot be tracked. DuckDuckGo uses more than 400 sources to help users find the results that they are looking for. On their latest data, there are over 20 million searches done per day.

Private Search Engines

  • Disconnect Search. This search engine will protect you from getting tracked. This engine also gets the results from other platforms. Despite the fact that it uses other engines, it can guarantee its users that all queries are anonymous. 
  • This is a product NGO, a German company that is not only popular in European countries, but also in other places all around the globe. This works like the other engines in this list and also promises anonymity. 
  • This is another good option if you are looking for a private search engine. This engine was launched in 2004 and it works like Google but the difference is that it does not store your personal data. The engine is also designed for all ages, so your kids will not find any pornographic or violent content.
  • This metasearch engine can provide search results similar to other engines. Like the others on this list, the does not store any data either. This is free, open-source software and is being improved constantly.

If using a private search engine is important to you, then you should check out the suggested sites mentioned above. Each year, private search engines are becoming more and more popular. So there is no doubt that this 2020, people will be looking for ways to find access to them.