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What users expect from a business mobile application in functional terms is simplicity and efficiency but their requirement goes even further: they want to dispose of it quickly and at a lower cost (without jeopardizing quality, of course).

For app developers australia, this sometimes amounts to squaring the circle. The B2E mobile application development projects (for company employees) are generally complex projects that mobilize specific skills (in project management, design, programming, architecture, etc.) and implement specific technologies and adapted methodologies.

app developer

In this article, we present the essential steps to creating a mobile application that meets the requirements of Business users.

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Designing a Professional Mobile App: Understanding the Need Expressed by Business Users

Business users have issued a need. It is now necessary to refine the specifications that are to say to help them to specify their expectations and to evaluate what is the expected benefit. In other words:

  • What is the problem encountered by users?
  • How is it resolved today?
  • What specific needs would the application meet (strengthen the link between users and the company, better satisfy customers, optimize the sales cycle, increase sales)?
  • Is this need shared by a significant number of people?
  • Would a mobile app bring real added value?

It is also a question of establishing the profile of the targeted target:

Are there mobile-specific features that would meet the stated need?

This first step is generally based on interviews with users during Design Thinking workshops, it is very important not only to ensure that the need really exists and that a mobile application would offer added value obvious, but also to identify first motivated beta testers among the interviewees. These will be involved in the evaluation of the first prototypes of the application. To discover investors the best companies need to make the apps.

Estimated budget: 4 posts to take into account in the development of a B2E mobile application

Before launching, it is a question of verifying that the cost of development of the mobile application is coherent with regard to the expected profit. This cost may vary with the complexity of the application.

This cost includes:

  • The design of the application that covers the definition of functional specifications (including the development of wireframes and UX), the definition of ergonomic principles, the development of models and the design of the technical architecture (in particular how integration and exchanges with the back office or the Information System, securing the architecture).
  • Its development (GUI design, data integration, development of web-services and exchanges with the Back-Office and the Information System, secure flows).
  • Tests, recipes and corrections made throughout the development to ensure the quality and reliability of the application.

Define the backlog of your mobile business application

In the context of mobile projects, it is difficult to rely on traditional development methods because tests take place too late in the process.

The majority of mobile development teams therefore use agile methods based on an iterative development principle, the project gives rise to a “backlog” comprising all the “user stories” of the application to be developed. Each “user story” is assigned a priority defined by the Business team, and studied by the Project team, which identifies all the development and validation tasks required to implement it.