Social Media Hacks

Despite the security levels in the systems, hackers have found a way to crack into the systems and steal the information. Today in this modern world, there is a drastic change in the world of IT, where e-commerce, email, online shopping and banking, social media, software development has improved leaps and bounds. The motivation of hackers to hack can be money, thrill, or something to break the rules.


Anyone can be a hacker but he has knowledge of things. He can be a computer professional or a graduate amongst us working at top companies. They enjoy using technology and gain more interest to know more about it. The curiosity of technology can sometimes change into crime. When they learn that they can gain profits for themselves through illegal ways, they learn to hack. Hackers can be of 3 different types based on functionality. When an employee of an organization is not recognized as a potential candidate for promotion or betrayed by the colleagues, he becomes an in-house hacker. He can access all features and knows the system security well to hack. Super hackers monitor all the data transactions and depending on the amount of money that is being transferred he changes the transaction into his account. Professional hackers use programming Trojans and software get installed on the system through a hidden window and use the system to hack it.

Different Kinds of Hacking Attacks

The following hacking attacks are considered as computer crimes.

Network Intervention

In order to gain access into the information systems malicious Trojan, worms, and viruses are used.

Hacking Password

Illegal ways are used by hackers to hack into the passwords of users of many banks in order to gain benefits from them.

Social Media Hacks

Fake Identity

Identities of people are used illegally to gain access to credit card information. They depict themselves as bank officers and collect information.

IP Address Spoofing

Hackers disguise the IP address and gain illegal access to many confidential files of many countries.

Smuggling of Confidential Files

Some hackers might access confidential files like military/government networks, communication systems, power grid, and the financial community. This can lead to problems internationally.

Problem with Social Media

Eventhough users are aware that their social media accounts are hacked, they don’t understand their vulnerability. For them, social media is a communication platform with many others all around the world. Facebook and Instagram account hackers are increasing day-by-day.People should be careful when they use social media sites. They fail to remember some security problems like

  • Using public Wi-Fi hotspots can help the hackers to steal the information utilizing that hub.
  • Passwords should be unique and strong. Changing the passwords frequently can help to keep the account secure.
  • Don’t update everything about personal and professional information.
  • Don’t post negative comments about your company on any social media.
  • The comments you post can let the hacker access your browsing history. They will gain access to all your contacts.