probe head manufacturer

Getting small precision-level tests done shouldn’t be costly and complicated. Get the WLCSP socket, also known as Probe Head to efficiently conduct all small semiconductor level tests.  Not all WLCSP probe heads are created equal. Some perform better than others as they’re manufactured by well-established and reputable manufacturers. One of the best probe head manufacturer known globally is TTS Group.

probe head manufacturer

Who Is Test Tooling Solutions Group {TTS Group}

Test Tooling Solutions Group is an established manufacturer known for designing and manufacturing a vast variety of WLCSP sockets ideal for use with small devices. All the tools are created to be high-performance and can be used in a vastrange of applications. They’re of high-quality, and the best investments for those looking to realize high bandwidth, longer life, low contact resistance, and assured reliability.

Why Choose TTS Group’s WLSCSP Sockets?

Looking for the best WLCSP sockets, which feature a novelty and state-of-the-art designs, TTS is here to offer you the solutions you seek. TTS does more than just offering the latest technology in all their sockets. They are a customer-driven company with a team of qualified and talented tech experts who have acquired advanced industry knowledge and unmatched creativity.  What makes them stand out is their aggressiveness and believe in creating an environment where workers and clients can give the best.

They are a team known for their dedication in creating premium products that help improve productivity, precision, and quality service delivery. The company aims to provide the best testing solutions, including the best guidance and products.

  • Low Cost of Ownershipàit costs lower to own a high-end WLSCSP socket. These sockets have a plastic assembly, which includes high-quality semiconductor probe technology. The high-end engineering, combined with the fabricated load board and design guarantee quality performance and reliability. The spring probe technology offers not less than 300 microns, which permitseasy probe set-up and unmatched performance.
  • Effortless maintenance and cleaningàwith use of the off-line cleaning methods, you can get the sockets cleaned in a matter of minutes. Since the interposer is easily linkable to the load board, replacing the test level is simple and doesn’t need using multiple screwdrivers or tweezers.
  • Long-Lasting Interposer Solutionàthe WLCSP interposers need to be cleaned only after 50,000 touchdowns and the connector solutions doesn’t require replacement before the completion of the 500,000 tests.


TTS Group is a renowned probe manufacturer that has been operating since 1979. They have mastered and improved the art of creating tech-rich tools for conducting semiconductor tests to help minimize issues with challenging issues.They always do a clean and perfect job starting from R&D, design, simulation to validation by using the latest in technology to create reliable, innovative, and quality tooling solutions and on-timely basis. It’s the best team of specialists who understand and value customer needs. They always boast of being the best one-stop solution for all concerns and issues related to semiconductor tool. Get to speak with one of their qualified specialists today to get to understand what they have in offer for you.