The sandbar system fills your room with stunning sounds from the subwoofer and surrounds speakers. The rich equilibrium audio reaches every corner of your room. The touchy high notes and pure tones are music to your ears. You would not just be listening; you will feel the sound. Connecting to your Samsung m4500 TV, computer, or laptop through Bluetooth is very easy.

Automatic connection

The subwoofer gives a sound full of richness and bass. Connect the power cables to the soundbar and subwoofer and switches it on. The subwoofer gets automatically connects with the soundbar. The blue indicator on the subwoofer indicates the connection is successful. If the blue indicator blinks, check the power cord of the soundbar. If the indicator turns red, it signifies the connection is not established, verify the power cord and try to connect it manually. Red and blue blinking indicate the unit is out of order.

 To connect it manually, press the ID button for 5 seconds. This is located at the rear of the subwoofer. The red indicator stops, and the blue sign starts blinking. Switch off the soundbar and press the VOL button on the remote for 5 seconds. The display of the soundbar shows ID set for 1.30 seconds then fade away. Turn on the soundbar by pressing the power button on the remote control. When the connection is properly established, the blinking blue indicator becomes shine steadily.

Connecting to your TV

You can connect your TV with a soundbar with a cable or without wire. Place one end of the optical digital cable at the optical in (audio) jack of the soundbar and another end at the optical out jack of the TV. After pressing the source button on the remote control, select the”” mode. By pressing the LEFT button on remote for 5 seconds, Auto Power Link is set on or off mode. Smart TVs gets automatically get connected with the soundbar by initializing the Bluetooth mode.

You can connect your TV with the soundbar wirelessly by the source button. Then press “bt” and change it to “bt pairing.” In case “bt ready” shows press and hold source button for 5 seconds to turn it to “bt pairing.” Just enter {000} if the PIN is asked while connecting through Bluetooth. This wireless connection works within the range of 10 meters between the soundbar and the Bluetooth device. Bluetooth pairing will malfunction if there is a strong electromagnetic field around the soundbar, if you try to pair several Bluetooth devices simultaneously and if the Bluetooth device is not turned on.