Payroll companies appeared, and software has become an indispensable tool for companies that process payrolls. Instead of calculating the deductions manually, the software does this for you every time payroll payments are calculated. Instead of writing checks, just print them from your computer. And no longer worry about tax calculations, as the program calculates them for you. Most companies will confirm that payroll software made their lives easier. However, a much more difficult problem is finding the right system for your business. There are many companies that produce and distribute payroll software. Here are some key differences between them to help you choose the right company and software for your business.

Payroll softwarePrice structure

Not all payroll pricing structures are created the same way. At first, some products seem affordable, but they quickly become expensive when you realize that you need to buy additional modules to accompany the software. Before buying anything, do not forget to request the full price for the first year and next year. Ask your sales representative to include things that are often forgotten: direct deposit, electronic tax return, several state tax calculations, several companies, several users, support, training and improvements. The price of software can be complex and can vary widely among software providers. It is important to first consider your needs and get a full budget so that there are no big surprises later.

Support and training

Most payroll software companies support their customers. There is a wide range of support methods, including phone, email, online, community forums, and more. Training can be conducted in class in person or online. Some companies provide training documents and videos on their website so that their customers learn at their own pace; other companies even provide on-site training opportunities. Think about the support and training method you prefer and ask your provider if they offer this method. Since there are many support and training options, you will be surprised at what some companies offer and others not! Be sure to also check the cost of these options, as some companies include it in the price, while others charge an additional fee.

Software Updates and Improvements

Companies developing software for payroll must constantly update their products due to constant changes in federal and federal tax rates, changes in the rules for calculating payroll and many others. Many software companies are also constantly improving to improve the functioning of their programs. How can your company get these changes? Some companies charge a fee for them separately, and some include them in the price. Be sure to find out the cost of updates and improvements, as you will need them someday.


Payroll software companies certainly offer a wide range of options when it comes to pricing, support and training, updates and improvements. Before you buy new payroll software, look at the details of these options so that there are no surprises.