Odyssey Cinema Concepts A Brief Overview

Odyssey cinema concepts introduce the unique line of LCD, LED,3LCD projectors for you to enjoy with your family. The company is trying to develop these models to absolutely satisfy the home fanatics. This firm is proud to introduce the audio and video products that they have of which are of high quality. Odyssey cinema concepts are always striving towards the latest technology on audio and video to satisfy the needs of the customers. This company is unbeatable when it comes to new designs and innovation for they always keep themselves updated to the new trend. It is the home of premium theater projectors.

A Quality Product to Choose:

  • LED Projectors:(Odyssey Cinema Concepts)
  • VX-9 Home Theater Projector- It has 50”-250” display size. It has a full 1080p HDTV projector. The degree flip rotation is 180” with a Led lamp of 20,000 hours approximately. It has a contrast ratio of 45,000.1 and it is HD, 3D, Blu Ray and Gaming compatible. It is also Full HD.
  • VT-20 Home theater Projector- its a 3D compatible and full HD. The display size is 50”-250” and with the contrast ratio of 45,000-1. It is HD, DVD, 3D, blue ray and gaming compatible.

Odyssey Cinema Concepts

  • TM-60 Home Theater Projectors: It has a smart projector with 4k compatible. The contrast ratio is 40,000.1 and its 3D compatible. The screen size is 40”-200”with a LED lamp 20,000 hours approximately Signal compatibility HDMI, S Video, TV,
  • NR-90 Home Theater Projector- with smart projector, 4K compatible, 4500 ANSI LUmens, 40,000.1 contrast ratio, the screen size is 40”to 200” inches, and the LED Lamp 20,000hours approximately
  • MK-94- Display size is 50”-250”inches with full 1080p HDTV projector, contrast ratio is 45,000-1, HD, 3D,Blue-ray and gaming compatible.,
  • LCD Projectors:
  • OC-460 LCD Projector,
  • OC-448 LCD Projector,
  • OC-440Projector,
  • OC 420 LCD Projector,
  • OC-410 LCD Projector

Just a Friendly Reminder from Odyssey Cinema Concepts:

If you need a perfect entertaining area in your home to be wise in choosing the best cinema stuff and the best home theater that would make your family perfectly happy. Choose a manufacturer which are known for their quality products. In the event that you need a helping hand in choosing these stuff, Odyssey Cinema Concepts is just timely there for you.