Technology is said to be advancing at a pace faster than that exhibited by runners in a one hundred metre sprint. Each and every aspect of this world now has a scientific approach due to which the field is greatly progressing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are being developed which are gradually replacing human jobs. Statistics say that by the year 2020 there will be about forty thousand Exabyte of date and only machines will be able to process all the data exhausts given out. Technology need not necessarily involve the use of computers though. Earlier, people would walk to their destinations, near or far until bicycles came into the picture. The development of a cycle was also a great technological advancement back in those days.

What are the most sought after products?

Certain tech products are found to be in great demand. Some of these are as follows

  • Smartphones- these are probably the most widely used tech products available nowadays. Apart from calling and messaging, different other tasks can be performed with these gadgets. Several apps are available on these smartphones for different purposes. Entertainment or educational, whatever the case may be, there will be an app suitable for the situation. There is access to the internet available as well which multiplies the functionality.
  • Airpods– initially headsets were used to listen to music. They were connected to the phone with the help of a wire. However these were found to be too large. They were then replaced with earphones, which followed the same mechanism but were smaller in size. These gadgets were used over a large time with different variations of the gadget being developed. However, the wiring still seemed to bother many users. This is when Airpods came into the picture. These are basically wireless earphones, connected via bluetooth. These have micro sensors, which sense hand movements near the ear for carrying out operations like changing the volume.
  • VR headsets– VR or virtual reality headsets are used to give a 360 degree experience of an image. The image shown in the headset turns as the user turns his or her head thereby giving, real worlds like experience.
  • Smartwatch– a smart watch is a wrist watch which has functionalities similar to a smartphone. These tech products too have several applications. An important feature is that they have the ability to detect and sense physical activity of the user, like the number of steps walked and kilometres run.
  • Self driving cars are also available nowadays.

Each and every individual ought to possess the ability to adapt to the changing world. With advancing technology, changes in this world are taking place at a very fast pace. Technology is witnessing a phenomenal boom and the number of workers in this field is also increasing greatly. People ought to be tech savvy as this is the only way how life can become simple.

From cooking to washing clothes, driving cars to making coffee, everything is done by machines nowadays. Building these machines requires a lot of effort, planning and expertize. People with creative minds are the ones who contribute the most to technology which is bringing about field development.