Instagram has been gaining a lot of traction over the last few years. Instagram is way ahead of the competition and today, hashtags are the jargon of the current generation. Instagram is no longer regarded as a mere photo-sharing app. It involves much more than simply uploading and liking images and probably that is a critical reason why it is enjoying immense popularity and phenomenal growth. Here are the top reasons that have culminated in the overall success of Instagram as a social media platform.

Exclusively Mobile-Oriented Platform

Instagram is quite a simple app and could be used effortlessly on the go. It is an exclusively mobile-oriented platform and it could instantaneously edit pictures you click on the move for posting on this social media platform. It grabs the attention of more and more audience because of the in-the-moment experience. Instagram is certainly a simple application to use and has just a few posting options and the much-loved infinite scroll of the latest content.

Intuitive User Interface

Instagram is extremely user-friendly. Some say that it is the most user-friendly social network out there. It was designed to be attractive and easy to navigate. It has a great UI that is smooth and snappy and gets work done in just a few taps instead of confusing menus and submenus. A good UI can be stylish while staying simple, and Instagram has always done that well.

Geared towards Popularity

Instagram’s popularity can convert to usefulness quicker and more effectively than perhaps any of its competitors. It’s true that Facebook and Twitter provide a more diverse platform to showcase the talent and/or products but the genius of Instagram lies in its simplicity; it keeps users glued to it and provides a lot of scopes to improvise the content. Be it new campaigns or trendy hashtags, the spotlight is always yours to steal. Instagram is an excellent platform for photographers, artists, bloggers, designers, writers and pretty much everyone who has anything to say. Visit reputed sites such as for professional assistance.

Predominantly Visual in Nature

Human beings rely majorly on pictures. They prefer to accumulate and interpret accurate information only by exercising the eyes. Visual marketing has really become extremely popular. Instagram is predominantly visual in nature. The newsfeed is full of pictures and as they are all arranged in the similar square format, this affords a certain degree of formality to the entire experience.

Novelty Is the Key

Instagram is a welcome change from apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter chiefly because of its utter simplicity. This novelty factor has been attracting the majority of the younger audience. Instagram users are mostly less than 30 years of age and the platform has the energy, enthusiasm, and vitality that older social media platforms have lost along the way.


Instagram has become so popular because of a combination of factors. However, this versatile platform is not restricted to only one social function such as LinkedIn that is dedicated to professional networking. Instagram has a wider reach and is also available to a much wider audience. This highly-interactive platform is certainly the way to go as it maximizes its potential user base and boosts interactivity between people.