crm customer loyalty

Customer loyalty means attracting repeat business from one person or group of people.

After you have won a client and, I hope, he will have a positive experience in communicating with you, you have already created a person who likes your product, and not a person who does not know your business. You have done half the work to win the client, now you need to keep them!

There are many ways this can be achieved. Some of them are expensive, and many others can be done for free. Some of them are obvious, while other ways to increase crm customer loyalty are more complex and require a strategy.

Regardless of the principles that you decide to adopt, your CRM system will become an invaluable tool that will help your organization, and here are ten reasons to support this:

crm customer loyalty

  • Let your sales and marketing departments work hand in hand using common information.
  • Create campaigns for your potential customers, contacts, and companies, using the functions of integrated campaigns.
  • Use the tracking tools in these campaigns to check and focus on what resources work best.
  • Use the Calendar and Actions modules to plan interactions with your customers and set reminders for these appointments so you don’t miss them.
  • Keep in touch with customers and use the available email module to send well-designed email templates that look good, project the correct message and image, and can also be saved and saved for reuse at any time,
  • Satisfy customers by sending follow-up messages using the data collected in your CRM system to provide quick access to sales information.
  • Create custom views that show different customer groups. You can use this tool to show you which customers are at risk of losing because you have not had business with them for some time.
  • Use customer support to identify a recurring problem and find it before it becomes serious. Creating frequently asked questions and creating a knowledge base as you progress will provide your users with a self-service service, as well as give you ready-made answers for repeated requests.
  • Use the tools of CRM system to send birthday greetings to your friends. It is so simple that your contacts remember you.
  • Save all past interactions as historical data, and not discard them when the business ends. A well-designed CRM solution will show data records, creating a rich and valuable image of the history of purchases and communication.

A Harvard Business Review report showed that increasing customer loyalty by just 5% could increase profits by 25-85%. In economically turbulent times and with the use of social networks as a growing marketing tool, there are many problems with traditional customer retention. The intelligent use of CRM solutions provides the organization with a mechanism to transform customer data into what can be the most valuable and least expensive marketing and sales tool.