Every business demand a strong online presence in today’s global marketplace, and while that brings many advantages to the small business, it also leaves them wide open to cyber-attack. The traditional anti-virus programs offer a high level of protection, even if they do drain the computing resources, and until a few years ago, there were no alternatives.

Application Whitelisting

For any business owner who is concerned about the cyber-attack threat (which is very real), application whitelisting solutions offer a business total protection, as the only files that are allowed to execute are those that are on the whitelist. Nothing (and I do mean nothing) else is allowed to open, and anything that tries will be immediately quarantined, until you have decided what you wish to do with it. It makes sense to approach the virus threat in this way, as it eliminates the need for huge virus databases, which a blacklisting program would require, and with new viruses emerging daily, the database has to be updated on a daily basis, which is time consuming and takes up your digital resources.

No Bulky Software Packages

Traditional anti-virus programs can be huge, and every computer within the organisation must have this installed on the hard drive, and that alone sucks up so much drive space, especially with a large organisation. Installation is simple, and with a little instruction, you will soon be able to effectively monitor all file activity from a single screen, and with a range of powerful tools, you are completely protected against any form of online attack. Things will speed up, and that means an increase in productivity, which all organisations welcome, and the entire package is no bigger than a few megabytes.

Effectively Monitor and Quarantine

You, the user, will create the whitelist, and once that is done, your data is now protected, as anything that tries to run and is not on the whitelist, will be shut down and you will be informed. Once you have this information, there are tools to help you discover the file’s origin, and with the ability to view all files on the entire network, nothing can slip by.

Tailored Solutions

With an experienced web developer in your corner, the whitelist application will ensure that your critical data is secure, and not only that, your organisation will benefit from the release of resources when you uninstall your current anti-virus software. The developer would work closely with the client, and this enables them to tailor the solution, and with cloud based protection, it matters not where you are, you can always login and monitor all activity. While we are all in agreement that virus protection is crucial, blacklisting is outdated an inefficient, and by making the switch, you are empowering your organisation, as well as protecting it from the risk of a cyber-attack.

To find out more about the latest developments in whitelisting applications, search online for a developer, who can help you to streamline and protect your critical data.