If you are on the lookout for the best speakers for your outdoor event, then look no further than these Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers.

Outdoor events require crystal clear and perfect sound. We believe that few speakers can match up against these Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers in terms of the quality of sound it produces. The sound is perfect whether you intend to host your event in your garden, terrace, or even near a swimming pool.

Origin Acoustics started producing high quality speakers back in the 1980’s. As each year passes, they have continually pushed the barriers with what is possible in the acoustics space. These outdoor speakers are not only rugged and reliable, but also fantastic on the ear courtesy of the sound they emit. If you would like to read a more in-depth review of the Origin Acoustics Outdoor Speakers, we would recommend that you checkout https://www.customcontrols.co.uk/blog/spotlight-on-origin-acoustics-outdoor-speakers/.

If you are looking for background music for your garden, you should consider these speakers, which are part of the Seasons Landscape Collection.For extra sound quality, we would recommend that you install a subwoofer in conjunction with the speakersto take your acoustics to that next level. Because the speakers are relatively small and low profile, you will need to place a number of them around your garden. It is recommended that you install them alongside paths where people will walk for the best results.

Outdoor Collection

The outdoor collection is perfect for use in an environment where there are swimming pools, basketball courts, gardens, and terraces. This Outdoor Collection is different from the Seasons Collection, as we believe they fill outdoor spaces a lot better and produce a better sound as a result.

It is possible to use these speakers both horizontally and vertically, depending on your own preference. In terms of colours, they are available in black and white.If you decide to use these speakers together with buried subwoofers, you will create a fully immersive bass, so it is worth investing in some subwoofers.


Can these Speakers be Used for Outdoor Cinema?

We feel that these speakers can be used for outdoor cinema – if you are seeking speakers for that purpose. If you would like more information about installing these speakers in your own personal home cinema, check out https://www.customcontrols.co.uk/home-cinema-installation/.