There are many online retailers and resellers in the market. Some have been in the market for quite some time now, and few have just entered. Whatever it is, for a customer who wants to recharge or pay bills online it is always confusing trying to understand the best one to go ahead with. Of course, some of the resellers indulge in right marketing strategies and keep promoting their brand and services online and in the digital medium because of which people are already aware of their services.

So the big question is how to choose the right recharge reseller? Or is it that the one that indulges in promotions and marketing gimmicks is the better one?

Here are a few things that are important to check before going ahead with a particular reseller.

  • First things first. Search for top ten recharge resellers in the market. The search engine results will be the right place to start with.
  • The web is full of articles and blogs that center on the online resellers and retailers. There are plenty of these write-ups that have been compiled and written by experienced technical professionals and bloggers who have the necessary expertise in this line. Read through these articles that are supported by lots of factual information to understand how the online recharge market works in your area.
  • It is also a good idea to speak in your family and friends circle and gauge which of the resellers are being used by them on a regular basis. This form of feedback is good to understand the strength and weakness of few of these online third-party websites.
  • The other reference point surely is the advertisements that you get to see for these resellers at social media sites as well as television and newspapers. Since the brand is investing in building up a brand value, it will not make false commitments to their services.
  • Open up the brand portals of these resellers and browse through different services that the site is tied up with. A good reseller will be in agreement to sell the recharge facility or bill payment facility with a couple of recognized and popular service providers in different segments.
  • Check for the payment methods that the site accepts. A good reseller site will accept a credit card, debit card, and Netbanking as payment options. They might also have their in-brand virtual wallet for their registered customers. The concept of registered customers helps them getting a loyal customer base. You can try recharging or paying a bill of small value and test for yourself the service quality – speed with which the transaction was processed, was there any issue with processing the payment and how effective was the payment gateway and other such practical issues.
  • Another point worth considering is which reseller is offering what kind of discounts and promo offers.

Be careful and select the best one to experience the joy of recharging online!