Mobile payment solution Hong Kong

Global Reach of Alipay and Payment Asia

The payment habit of the world is definitely altered and changed by the Chinese payment gateway, Payment Asia. The Alipay Platform is a small part of Alibaba and is the biggest payment gateway for Chinese domestic as well as the tourism market. Payment Asia is a partner of the Alipay Platform. It is bringing into Asia and all other parts of the world of SME, also expanded as the small and medium enterprise as a brand for electronic payment gateway and has already reached its target. 2016 marked the highest volume of usage for the mobile payment gateway. It is said that Chinese spend the maximum money on world tourism. For this reason, about 70 countries including Asia, Europe and North American countries has started using mobile payment platform for the Chinese tourists in the shopping hotspots. This has led to increased Chinese tourism in return. Payment Asia offers a very competitive service package that is claimed to be trustworthy. 

The Alipay Platform is top ranking in both online and offline payment platform of China and owns about 54% of Chinese mobile payment already. The Alipay Platform definitely leads China now. Payment Asia is cost-effective and simplest form of online payment method using various means such as mobiles, credit cards and debit cards. With no doubt, the mobile payment solution Hong Kong is made easy by Alipay and Payment Asia! There are about 600 million active users of Alipay and is said to be No. 1 in mobile payment transactions. 

Mobile payment solution Hong Kong

PA Pay has Changed the Shopping Experience!

At present, all kinds of online shopping are made easy by mobile payment methods. This has its effect in Hong Kong as well. To support this in Hong Kong, Payment Asia has introduced a mobile app called PA Pay. This greatly supports the Alipay Platform. The PA Pay app makes a good means to make cashless transactions. This in turn reduces the auditing risks and saves a lot of money. Installation of Alipay in mobile has greatly influenced the sales in Hong Kong and Asia. PA Pay app provides immediate notifications and transaction history on mobile devices which in turn greatly reduces the operation costs. It has both HKD e-wallet and RMB e-wallet that suits all Hong Kong merchants. It has simple QR payment mode option.It also supports offline payment in mobile devices. 

PA Pay helps to connect international merchants through its payment methods. It has plans to extend its coverage in future to many countries to improve business and trade. It is one stop payment solution for many social media-based business pages too. This is made possible with the AI technology. Extending its usage to other demography is going to support many businesses!