Printed circuit board

8 PCBs you must know

1)    Single Sided PCBs – These are single layer base material where one of the sides are metal laminated which builds the electrical connections. In this, the copper material is used to create a conducting path. Solder mask provides solid protection. Single-sided PCBs are cheap in price and are also easy to manufacture. These PCBs are majorly used in stereo components, power supplies, cameras, printers, and calculators.

2)    Double-sided PCBs- These PCBs have copper material both the sides of a substrate material. One side of the circuits is connected with another side through holes that are drilled on the board. There are two technologies “Through Hole Technology” and “Surface Mount Technology”. Double-sided PCBs are widely used in an automotive dashboard, vending machines, LED lighting, HVAC system, amplifiers, etc.

3)    Multilayer PCBs- These PCBs are the combination of single and double sided PCB boards. Each board has a piece of insulation which protects the components from burning if there’s excessive heat. This type of PCB helps professionals in achieving more complex electrical tasks. Multilayer PCBs are also available online on hemeixinpcb and these PCBs are majorly used in the Satellite system, Data storage, GPS technology, File servers and some of the application in Weather analysis systems as well.

4) Rigid PCBs- These types of PCBs at hemeixinpcb prevent the circuits from twisting and provides strength to it. A perfect example of multilayer PCB is Computer Motherboard which distributes electricity from power supply to CPU, GPU, and RAM.  Rigid PCBs cannot be modified or altered after manufacturing. Rigid PCBs can have layers ranging anywhere from single to up to 10.

Printed circuit board

5)  Flexible PCBs- These are the type of PCBs which can take any shape as per requirements. They are also known as Flex Circuit as they are made of Plastic material. These types of PCBs have a very high level of complexities and yet unlike other PCBs they can be folded or wrapped easily. These are widely used in automotive industries, solar cells, LCD fabrication laptops, etc.

6) Rigid-Flex PCBs- Widely used in digital cameras, automobiles, mobile phones, etc these Rigid-Flex PCBs are made of multiple flexible PCBs combined with rigid layers giving both strength and flexibility. Rigid-flex PCBs incorporates both Rigid as well as Flexible PCBs for better performance, strength, and flexibility.

7) High-Frequency PCBs- Made of materials like Teflon, polyphenylene oxide and glass reinforced epoxy laminate, this type of PCB is that it can transmit signals over one GHz. Consider Dielectric constant before choosing High-Frequency PCBs as it may corrupt the digital signal.

8) Aluminum Backed PCBs- These are made of aluminum and are easily recyclable without emitting toxins in nature. These types of PCBs are majorly used traffic lights, power supplies, motor controllers, automotive lights, etc.