Here are a few quick facts about CRM systems that we need to get out of the way right at the beginning. Yes, they provide all the necessary features. No, they are not awfully expensive. They will, as promised, help you collect actionable data, make better decisions, and increase your ROI and sales volumes.

In the meantime, they’ll manage your leads, your contacts, and your clients. CRMs have grown so powerful that they are considered irreplaceable by many organizations, at least until some better solutions come along. So, what are the best options out there?

For the time being, the following CRM software systems are the best, most comprehensive and most reliable.

Less Annoying CRM

Being the least expensive system on our list, Less Annoying CRM is heaven-sent for smart, cost-conscious companies. It stores an unlimited number of contacts for only 10$ per month (!), and it isn’t as stingy on the features as one would expect. On the contrary, Less Annoying CRM has it all.

Dashboards for lead tracking and interaction management are simple, uncluttered, and refreshingly easy to use. The same applies to the system’s sales functionalities – they are not only seamless to manage, but you can also build multiple pipelines for a single lead or customer.

Zoho CRM

On the respectable PCMag’s annual CRM list for 2017, Zoho is labeled as editor’s choice for a few very good reasons. Just like Less Annoying CRM, it offers a fairly low price – 12$ per user per month. Unlike Less Annoying CRM, Zoho includes email tools, marketing automation features, and comprehensive reporting.

Gamified sales management is another highlight of this system, while workflow automation requires an upgrade to the Professional plan. With or without it, Zoho CRM meets our expectations. It’s feature-rich and mobile-friendly and can be customized and integrated without any effort.

Insightly CRM

The basic Plus plan for Insightly CRM costs $29 per month, but it certainly provides more than the bare essentials. Everythingб from task and project management to relationship tracking and web forms to email integration and lead management is included in the package, with its record limit being 100,000.

If you want to increase it to 250,000, the price for Professional Insightly will be $49. In addition, you’ll unlock features like workflow automation and team security (lead assignment rules and role-based permissions). If you want your Insightly CRM to scale as you grow, the Enterprise system will cost $99.

bpm’online CRM

As the only process-driven customer management software on our list, bpm’online takes an approach that’s different from that of its competitors. Sales, marketing, and customer service are three equal parts of this feature-rich and all-inclusive system, aimed mainly at midsize and large companies.

Bpm’online begins at $25 per user per month, guaranteeing efficiency and speed across the board. The system contains multiple tools that include, but not limited to lead and opportunity management, robust analytic tools, email marketing management, event management, case management. The system has niche-oriented toolkits as well, primarily for retail, finance, and real estate industries.

Base CRM

The only thing that makes Base CRM different from its competitors and thus justifies the system’s high price tag (the Starter plan costs 45$ per user per month) is its impressive collaboration capability. The rest of the package offers the usual – all-around management and analytics reporting.

Though the excellent Enterprise plan (145$ per user per month) comes with a lengthy list of features, including role-based permissions, multiple pipelines, lead and deal scoring, and predictive sales intelligence, Base CRM is still a little too expensive. All things considered, the price is its only shortcoming.

How to Choose the Best of Best?

Your choice of CRM system should depend on many factors, the main of which is the size of your business, the price you are willing to pay, and the particular tools and features required in your company. The market is luckily huge, providing suitable solutions for everyone’s specific needs.

If you were to choose the best of the best, the rule of thumb would be to stick to the system that fits your requirements. It’s always better to start small, though – all CRM systems from our list offer basic plans that you can upgrade later on, as well as free trial periods that you can use to test the product.

Customer relationship management is no longer a differentiating point; it’s rather a necessity for staying competitive. The best CRM system is the one that is best for you, so make sure to test as many of them as you can. Eventually, the ideal solution will reveal itself through more sales and higher ROI. With the help of this link you can know how to do the Best Paper Airplane Ever