The Best TURNTABLES Of 2018 For Every Music Enthusiast

Turntables are the musical tools used for Turntablism. This is the art of manipulating sounds and needed to create new music with different sound effects, mixes, and other creative sounds and beats. This typically uses two or more turntables and also a cross fader-equipped DJ mixer. A turntable is also called phonograph, gramophone, or a record player.

What Is A Turntable

A turntable is a simple musical device. It is made of a very few moving parts which include a platter, tonearm, and a motor which drives the platter. There are also other parts of the turntable but these are the most important ones.

  • The PLATTER is where the record sits on. The needle will touch the vinyl as it produces music. This is the part that spins as you turn on the device. A slipmat that is made of felt or rubber sits on top of the platter. The rubber mat is generally for Hi-Fi systems used to record in place and will keep the record in place. For DJ’s, they use a felt mat to let them use their hands on the record.
  • The TONEARM is the one holding the cartridge and the stylus or the needle. There is a Half-Inch Mount stylus where wires are exposed and are screwed into an existing part of the tonearm. Another type of stylus is the P-Mount which has 4 connectors that can be plugged directly into the end of the tonearm.
  • The MOTOR of the turntable has two kinds. The Belt-driven Turntable is where the platter is turned by a belt that is attached to the motor. Another type of turntable motor is the Direct Drive. The motor is directly connected to the platter and it does not need a belt to operate. This is the most reliable among the options and usually the most preferred option of DJ’s.

The Best TURNTABLES Of 2018 For Every Music Enthusiast

The TOP 3 Turntables Of 2018

Before you go looking for a turntable, it is important that you know what you are looking for. Knowing what’s Top Turntables online will make your search easier. Here are the most preferred choice of turntables this 2018:

  • Pro-Ject Essential 2. You can find plenty of pro-ject essential ii review that can help you decide why this is the best choice. If you are a collector or maybe you are just passionate about the quality of vinyl music, this is the perfect turntable for you. The sound quality is amazing and you will not be disappointed by its sound delivery. The motor is quiet and the plate has low-resonance.
  • Stanton T92USB. This is a direct drive DJ turntable that you should have. This is a premium product when it comes to high-end audio requirements. This is not something for the sake of collecting records, but it is for buyers who are passionate about their music and the finesse and quality of the sound that they can achieve from vinyl records.
  • Lenco L90. This is a mid-range turntable that comes with top of the line qualities. The quality of the sound output of Lenco L90 is amazing. By making sure that you keep the accessories clean and in good condition will make this turntable last for a long time.

When purchasing a turntable, make sure that this is the one that you are looking for. These gadgets are not cheap but are definitely worth every cent. Whether you are a collector, or you just want to enjoy and make high-quality music, then a turntable is the perfect choice for you.