How Can Parents Monitor Child’s Activities in WhatsApp

As a parent, you only want what is best for your children. You want to keep them within reach as much as possible to ensure that they are always safe. Unfortunately, as they grow old, children will demand autonomy. As a parent, you need to give them that allowing them to grow.

When they demand autonomy, the first thing that they will ask for is a smartphone. A smartphone is a good tool to always keep in touch with your kids but when you think about the possible effect of social media on your children, you will be hesitant to give them. There is a way to compromise without your kids knowing. You can consider espionner whatsapp.

Even in WhatsApp, there are threats. The good news is that you can monitor your child’s activities in WhatsApp. Some call it spying but for parents, it is called protecting their children from potential harms. How can parents monitor their child’s activities in WhatsApp?


By installing a spy program, you will know your child’s location all the time. Of course, it will be very discreet that they won’t even notice it. Choose a program that is energy efficient. You do not want to raise alarm when your child notices GPS function is draining the battery quickly.

Recording of calls

There are spy programs that have the capability to record the calls including the duration and contact information. The information will be forwarded to your account online. This is an excellent way to tell if your kids are into something suspicious.

SMS/MMS monitoring

In espionner sms, you can monitor the messages even the audio files, pictures and videos of your children. You just need to wait for the file to be forwarded to your account. The best thing is that even if they try to delete it, you can still view it.

How Can Parents Monitor Child’s Activities in WhatsAppMulti-device monitoring

If you install a spy program, make sure that you can monitor more than 2 devices. What if your child has a tablet, smartphone and laptop? The program should at least allow you to monitor 5 devices at the same time.

Internet activity

More importantly, you have the power to check your child’s Internet activity. You will know what your child does in his/her spare time. You will also know what are the things that interest him/her. By checking their Internet activity, you will get to know more about your kid. You can also identify red flags or possible dangers.

Track calendar and address book

If you want to know what your child is doing in the following days, you can simply track their calendar even the address book. You will know whom they are meeting and where they are meeting.

Remote deletion of data

If your kid lost the smartphone, you won’t worry about exposing private data into the wrong hands because you have the power to remotely delete the data. Of course, you need to find a program that can do this.

These are the advantages of monitoring your kid’s activities. Kids these days are secretive that is why you have to discover things on your own to keep them safe always.