how to run apk file on pc

There are people who are using mobile phones only for talking but the percentages of people who are using this type of smart phones only for the purpose of call are extremely lesser. As, with these devices, people can search, watch, know, play and do many things. The days are gone, when the usage of phones is only for talking but now we can use them for multiple purposes.

If you wish to chat with your friends, there are android applications, you want to order food, you can find food applications, and when you are bored, there are several gaming applications to pass time. Not only for these purposes, but there are also android apps for various causes too. There are even learning applications for children and so we can simply say that we completely rely on mobile technology.

When you are running several applications on your mobile phones, it is not that you can open and run them only on your mobile phones. Though there are some apps that do not run on any operating system other than Android. That is, some android applications do not run on MAC OS and some will not run on the Windows. But it is possible to open them on different OS when you use android emulators.

how to run apk file on pc

There is a number of emulators that you can find on the web when you search for them to open the applications other than your phones. If you wish to run an application on your PC, then you need its apk file. An Android Package Kit in short APK is a package file that is used to install an application in your mobiles.

It is same like .exe file which is used by windows to install a software program into a desktop, the android operating system uses this APK file to download an app into it. You can open an .apk file of an application on your personal computer using an android emulator. There are APK files that may contain malware and so you should be careful while downloading applications.

You can avoid downloading spam files when you use a trusted emulator from many that you can find on the internet. A sad thing that you have to know is, there is no way for you to install apk files on your iPhone. This is because the applications that are running on iOS are built in a different manner. But the answer to how to run apk file on pc is by using an emulator, it is used to run the Android OS on any computer system.

Hence, it is possible for you to open an apk file on other devices apart from the android operating system.