“Content is King,” well, this was the infamous quote of one’s world richest man, Bill Gates, now, his prediction is true. In the present digital epoch, content plays a central role, influencing customers into buying or availing something. Whether it’s a Google Ad or a blog, high-quality content is indispensable. And, in fact, content is an essential segment of SEO strategies formulated by top SEO consultants Essex. Here, in this post, we take a look at some of the things to keep in mind when curating content or hiring a wordsmith.

Target Audience

The first thing to keep in mind when scripting the content strategy for any online business is the select the audience you are considering to target to achieve great results. First of all, know your target audience, its fundamental in compelling the copywriting strategy for your company, this will help you create sales copies that resonate with the needs & expectations of your dedicated audience. Research well, to understand the demographics of your dedicated consumer base, it includes what they like or dislikes, these are significant to develop content that hit the mind of your potential consumer base. You can go for online resources, there are many like picking the ideas & trends that your potential audience will love to understand & remember. Yes, Search Engine Optimisation is important, but, when it comes to SEO you have to develop a strategy to help your potential visitors find your content.

Headlines – Go Bold

Your Article title is the most crucial part that acts as a billboard that force the online visitors pass by to stopover and have a look. The title of your article should be less than 70 characters; it is advisable that your title should contain the keywords to improve SERP pages rankings of your website. The title got to be concise, inspirational & proactive. Your headline has to be few words converge together to explain the entire article of 500 to 1000 words. Once, you have done on choosing the right title; customise the URL of your website or blog, containing the keyword.

Short Paragraphs

After the dazzling headline, keep the momentum of the content going with selecting the paragraph content, it should be crisp and short. The blog content should contain two to three sentences but has to be captivating, like lead paragraphs. Your opening sentences of your blog or any content should provide readers with a brief about the summary of your content.

Keyword Placement

Right keyword placement once is done by professional SEO consultants Essex or similar others will help your content reach your target audience. Ideally, the placement of the two keywords should be at a difference of 100 words. This will ensure ROI for your content.

At the end of it all, from the above, you probably come to know what content marketing strategy works for SEO to go about. Ideally, it is required to look for a trustworthy SEO or wordsmith company to help your website gain higher rankings with quality content.