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For anyone looking to improve their business’s online presence, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an excellent strategy to employ. Since SEO takes place on the back end, many people don’t really understand what it entails or why they should care about it at all. There are many misconceptions about this powerful tool that can lead business owners astray, especially when they don’t collaborate with SEO experts. Here are four myths and facts about SEO Sydney you should know in 2022.

Myth 1: SEO Needs to be Done Just Once

Wrong! You should be optimising your website for search engines frequently. It takes a bit of effort to ensure that your content is accessible to search engines, but it’s essential if you want to keep attracting organic traffic. Remember that you won’t see the results overnight. It takes time to obtain noticeable improvements, considering you are doing everything right. Overall, maintaining a presence in search engine results pages is an ongoing process.

Myth 2: Link Building Isn’t Useful Anymore

According to the SEO Sydneyexperts, backlinks or link building is still vital for improving a site’s position in search engine rankings. According to the experts, content marketing is a great opportunity to earn links naturally and organically. When done correctly, content marketing (the act of providing valuable information to an audience)acts as a lead magnet. It can actually increase brand awareness and help you gain authentic natural links over time.

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Myth 3: PPC is better than SEO

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO are two entirely different concepts. While PPC can help build traffic quickly, you’ll never be able to fully control how your site appears in search results. This leads many companies to jump on paid ads only to find that their ranking doesn’t change, which often leads them back to SEO Sydney for long-term growth. In reality, organic search is far superior in the long term. If someone searches for “baby shower supplies near me” and finds a relevant website, they’re highly likely to make a purchase.

Myth 4: SEO is All About Rankings

One of the biggest misbeliefs is that a successful search engine optimisation campaign only involves rankings. This is simply not true. Sure, there’s a level of truth and press releases to it, but there is more to SEO than ranking high on SERPs. You need conversions. You need traffic from other sources beyond search engines, andyou need sales. All of these things are dependent on more than just rankings. What you need to do is build more backlinks, create quality content that answers people’s questions, and focus on Search Intent.

Search Engine Optimisation has become more and more relevant, with several businesses adopting it to their marketing strategy. Should you need any assistance in improving your business’ digital presence, talk to an expert to learn about their SEO packages Sydney offered to businesses like yours.