‘Art is not what YOU see. It’s what you make OTHERS see.’

If you are an artist and have been struggling to showcase your work to world, there is a platform which can help you do so. Pinterest is a social media platform where artists showcase their talent! It could be DIY or meaningful paintings. Majority of the artists paint and create artworks for themselves, but there are some individuals who wish to convey a story through art.

The good news is that Pinterest is where you can express artistically. Here are the 4 Compelling Reasons why a creative soul can excel on Pinterest.

The 4 Compelling Reasons Revealed:

  1. Exposure and Sales:

When you go online, your work is being recognized. It requires you to showcase your art to the right people. Did you know that Pinterest is much more popular as compared to Facebook or Twitter? Even though it is underrated, but a lot of photographers get the required exposure on this platform.

What is the icing on the cake? People will notice your work and they will hire you for their project!

Note – Link the art-work to your website. There can be monetary benefits here.


  1. Hunting for Long-term clients:

Majority of the people believe that being an artist is a real struggle. If you are using the wrong medium then YES, it can be a struggle for you. However, there are some big fishes in the sea who are looking out for talented artists like you. Illustrators, photographers, painters and DIY artists can post their creative work and this might just enthrall a producer, newspaper owner or any big fish in your industry.

Building long-term relationships with clients IS a possibility on Pinterest.

  1. Get some motivation and inspiration:

Artists are brimming with creativity and ideas, but there are times when you are out of new thoughts. Fortunately, there are billions of ideas on Pinterest. It does not mean that you have to copy someone else’s work. You could get inspired and work on something new!

Pinterest is like a magazine full of images and videos. They inspire us in many ways!

  1. Researching New Trends:

This is an extension to what we mentioned earlier! When you join Pinterest, you are able to research the latest trends. What is selling? What are people liking/disliking? You need to embrace change and follow the newest trends. Being unique gives you few brownie points, but you cannot use vacuum tube computers in the age of tablets and laptops.

Takeaway Advice:

Here’s some news for you! Pinterest has made the platform an all-inclusive website which means the visually challenged individuals can view the images without any discomfort. Art should be enjoyed by every human being!

Why should a person with low vision see darkness? They have the right to view your piece of art. With technological changes for visually impaired, you get to share your art with a larger audience.

So, join Pinterest and start sharing your creative work. You could be a graphic designer, illustrator, painter, photographer or even tattoo artist! Showcasing your work to the world is a wise move to build a successful career!