If you are seeking CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production services, then Implant Media is the right place where you can get all these services at a reasonable price.

CD/DVD/ Blu-ray Duplication!!

Duplication is the procedure to copy data or music onto recordable DVDs or CDs. No matter whether it’s your first time or you have done it before, Implant Media is always here to assist you throughout every stage of the procedure. The one thing is sure that you going to find their prices to be one of the most competitive or reasonable in Australia.

They have almost 15 years of experience for producing CD runs of a wide range of size for some of the most popular labels and brands in Australian. Many rely on them with their projects as they provide discs, booklets, and covers in run sizes that many other companies fail to do that.

No matter whether you want to burn 10 or 500 units, their duplication procedure offers quality from the replicated runs. They have all the necessary finishing and print tools and thus, you can order as much as the quantity you want as you are sure to get the ultimate looking discs as well as packaging at the affordable rate in Australia.

CD/DVD/ Blu-ray Replication!!

Implant Media provide duplication runs between 10 and 499 discs. However, if you are after 500 or even more, then it will be more cost-effective to choose their replication process. It is a procedure to press data or music onto a molded disc. It is the best option if you want 500 or even more DVDs or CDs or blu-rays that are more than 1000.

Keep in mind that replicated discs are a more cost-effective and durable solution as compared to duplicated discs. To know more about burning and processing process, you can check out the official site of Implant Media.

Get to know how to place your order at Implant Media

The process is easy and straightforward, which include

  • Order

You need to begin with getting a few quotes or placing your order. In order to get a few quotes, you need to visit their official page.

  • Master

For all type of disc formats, you need to supply them with a professionally-produced master disc. Also, if you can only give them files, then they will create a master for you with a small extra fee.

  • Artwork

Well, remember that artwork has to be set up to their specifications. They recommend that you need to have your artwork done by a professional Graphic designer who has experience in print design. The good news is that they can also create a design for you.

That’s their process or how they work to offer duplication and replications service. Go to http://implant.com.au/ to know more about their services and to find out what other services they have to offer you.