To celebrate and reward the persistent efforts of various companies to distinguish themselves from others and provide the most to their customers, award ceremonies are conducted. Some of these awards are highly decorated and the most anticipated in the field of digital marketing. To receive the award is a mark of pride for any company as it recognizes their hard work and diligence. Premier Partner Awards are one of the most anticipated awards and are given only to the best.

What are the various fields covered by the Awards?

The awards cover many aspects of digital marketing such as Attractiveness, Campaigns, Innovation, and so forth. There are 6 categories based on different aspects and the awards are distributed as per the geographical area. Winners from these areas compete at a global level.

The awards are prestigious and widely respected in the digital marketing agency. Premier Partner Awards distribute the following awards:

  • Display Excellence is awarded to the agency which uses the display ads to the fullest. The most creative ones make it to the top.
  • Search Excellence looks at the smartest and the most innovative use of search ads.
  • App Excellence considers the employment of app campaigns to advertise.
  • Shopping Excellence is awarded to the agency that was able to boost their client’s sales and help make more purchases through targeted shopping ads.
  • Growing Business Online is awarded to the agency that shows enormous potential and was able to meet clients’ expectations with outstanding results.
  • Video excellence is given to the agency that made excellence use of Video ads through creative means to promote clients’ business and help them realize their goals.

How to qualify for the Awards?

Unfortunately, not every digital marketing company qualifies for the awards. Only the premier partners make it to the race. This is, in reality, an advantage to the agencies that work round the clock to satisfy their clients’ demands and improve at every stage. The top agencies, along with the rising ones make it to the awards and unnecessary ones are eliminated.

There is no particular parameter to become a Premier Partner. Though, certain things are considered. Amongst the many considerations, some of them are investment, quality of various types of ads, the effectiveness of ad campaigns, the impact and contributions of the agency, and so on. Therefore, all of the considerations can easily be amplified if the agency has dedicated its heart to the work. This makes the awards fair and only lets in those agencies which can compete.