Smart Security Cameras Which One to Buy

Video surveillance is a primary tool for monitoring movements, both in the private and public sectors. It is becoming a popular way to prevent crime and terrorism. Surveillance cameras in public places ensure public safety. People will not attempt to harm you when they know a camera records their actions. The police can identify criminals recorded with these cameras. They can prevent crimes from happening and also help in solving criminal cases. There are so many smart security cameras now available in the market. What are the features you should look for when buying a security camera?

High-definition video quality

The images are sharper if the camera has a higher resolution. A 1080p or higher resolution is ideal for getting the best pictures. The camera also has to be HD-compatible if you plan to connect it to a digital video recorder to record the camera’s footages. The photos and videos will be crystal clear.

Pan, tilt, and zoom function

A camera with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom functionality is excellent. It gives more coverage to larger areas and provides the best viewing angle possible. There is no need to re-position the camera.

Night vision

One of the most critical features of an outdoor security camera is a clear night vision. Choose a camera with infrared technology that sends bright light through wavelengths. It will give you the best and brightest night view. A surveillance camera with at least a hundred feet or more of night vision is ideal. Many models have a built-in IR cut-switch. It lets the enabling or disabling of infrared technology depending on lighting conditions.

Two-way audio

This feature lets you hear and speak with visitors. Some have video doorbells, too. It is helpful when you get an unknown visitor. It also enables you to inform the delivery guy to leave the items on the porch for you to pick up if you do not want anyone to go inside.

Cloud storage

It is essential to have cloud storage so you can save your recordings online. Check if there is a cap on cloud storage, or it has no limits. Also, find out how long you can store the records online.

Mobile control

Most outdoor security cameras can live stream a feed to your mobile device. It is a helpful feature that lets you check during the day or while you are away for extended periods. Make sure the camera is compatible with your device. There is a monthly or annual fee for remote access, mobile alerts, or cloud-based features.

Activity notifications

Check if you can receive activity notifications via text messages, email, or push notifications. These are notifications you get when the camera detects a significant activity. You will get abreast of anything happening in real-time.

Custom activity zones

This feature prevents you from getting notifications for insignificant activities. Examples are a car driving by, and an insect flying by your camera.