Samsung is a South Korea based largest conglomerate company in the world. Only in Korea, Samsung produces one fifth of the total exports. Main businesses in which Samsung deal are electronics, construction, heavy industry and defense industry. Along with these, other subsidiaries of Samsung include businesses like entertainment, advertising and industry.

In the present world, Samsung is the biggest electronics giant who manufactures lacs of products daily. Samsung was actually founded by Lee Byung-chul in Daegu, Japanese Korea. Headquarters of Samsung is situated in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung is divided into certain divisions such as Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDS, Samsung Heavy Industries, Samsung C&T Corporation, Samsung Life Insurance, Cheil Worldwide and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. Out of all these, Samsung Electronics is the most famous division of Samsung and is available in more than 80 countries worldwide. Some years back, Samsung UK Customer Service Contact Number is blamed for not giving the gifts customers win in Samsung British Awards. After that, Samsung clarified that these emails are not from the company, scammers use the name of Samsung to loot their customers.

About Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung mobiles phone sale grows at a very fast rate after 2007. Recently, Samsung launched Samsung S8 edge smartphone in their curved screen series. Due to the features and apps Samsung providing in their mobile phones, Samsung becomes the most smartphone selling company in many countries. Moreover, the after-sale service provided by company is also known to be the best. Samsung service centers are available in almost every city of the major countries including UK, USA, India, Russia, etc. For more information regarding Samsung service support, contact the officials at Samsung UK customer service helpline number. Here are some of the best Samsung Apps which company launched for the Samsung smartphone users with brief introduction.

Top 3 Apps by Samsung

  • Bixby

Bixby is a complete new app launched for Samsung S8/S8+ only. It is a phone assistant for the users, which will analyze all your daily activities and recommend it to you according to the nature. Users can ask Bixby to set a reminder, alarm, capture the picture and a number of more tasks. Bixby is a must have app for Samsung S8/S8+ owners.

  • Samsung Connect

Samsung Connect is a fresh new app to access and control your smart devices. Users can control the smart devices whether in house or outside. Users can switch on/off the lights, turn on the tv, change the channel, change the volume, schedule washing machine, turn on fan, music, av systems, air conditioners, printers, dryers and a number of other appliances also. Just open Samsung Connect app and let the app pair all the devices by itself.

  • Samsung Health

Samsung Health app helps to track your all the activities, sleep, nutrition, heartbeat (in some devices only) and provide insights according to the records. Moreover, several health tracking devices are launched by Samsung that can be paired with this device to track your daily routine.