One application that is mostly used by many millions of people across the globe is whats app. We are in an era where whatsapp makes things done for us. As said in the past things are at a phone call away, now things are at a whatsapp message away. It is the most basic application one will definitely have in their mobile phones. One can share everything through this platform. Feelings, emotions, descriptions, advertisements, spreading awareness of any subject, helping the needy, medical emergencies, spreading the vibes, sharing jokes can be done through this whatsapp. There is nothing that can’t be reached to the other user irrespective of the fact that he is at any part of the world. Two individuals can be connected to each other virtually all the day by this application. Life has become uncomplicated and effortless in terms of technology. Whatsapp create an account so that you can enjoy the benefits to the fullest.

The first thing that comes to our mind when we want to download an app is why we should install the app. The things that whatsapp has making you feel worth enough to install it is:-

  • Its flexibility in sending the messages, photos, videos, documents, contacts and many more. One can even share the websites and locations.
  • Groups can be formed which help an individual to pass the information in one go to all the members.
  • Your state of mind can be conveyed to all your friends that are your contacts and the condition of yours can be shown by the display picture.

These reason are sufficiently enough for one to be the user of whatsapp like millions of other people on this earth. What is that you need for creating a whatsapp account? The answer is very simple. All that you need is a phone number of yours. Irrespective of the social media, whether you belong to any platform like facebook, twitter and instragram the eternal and ultimate contact of you is your phone number. So having a platform that is linked to your phone number, it can be of great help. Whatsapp create an account by installing the app from the play store and getting it registered with your phone number by which you will be getting a verification code. Upon typing that code in the given slot, you are created with your account provided you give your username. You will have the option of keeping your photo as display picture.

There are many options on whatsapp like voice calls and video call which are the attributes that make the app stand out among many messaging applications. Imagine the magnitude of greatness technology has, a person sending a message and then you have an indication whether the message is reached or not. Then you also have the pointer to show whether the message is seen by the other person or not. This is very nice of the developers for making the system so feasible and flexible for use. All that can be said is whatsapp can make everyone be in connected with their loved ones virtually throughout the day which is very much necessary at certain point of times like emergencies.