Things to Keep in Mind While You do an Online Transaction

The old days are gone when you have to carry cash in your pockets while going out for a shopping day. Cash is almost a secondary thing since people are now used to online transactions. You know how many times you have relied on online money transactions while shopping at a retail store or an online store. Online transactions can make money transfer and bill payments so much easier than how it was since you can carry out the process within seconds. All you need is your smartphone and an active internet connection. However, online transactions can be scary since you’re feeding the internet with your bank account details. A secured payment gateway is hence one of the major things that must be there while you pay for anything online. To know more about mobile payment authorization network click on

Just because there are chances of you losing money if you’re not careful during online transactions, you should not stop doing it. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind whenever you pay or get paid for something online:

Never use a cyber café system

Never use a system in a cyber café to carry out online transactions. Even if you delete the history from the system that you are using, there are ways in which the information can be retrieved by others who use the system later on or by the café workers themselves.


Never do it while you’re using an open WiFi

Places like offices and colleges have open WiFi networks and it is not a great idea to carry out monetary transactions using this network. Again, the reason is that you never know who’s monitoring these network. There are people who can hack open WiFi sources easily and you won’t even able to know who it is since a lot of people use the same network.

Unknown WiFi

If possible avoid using unknown WiFi networks. You may get free WiFi in some locations and you may be more than happy to make use of the speedy internet for browsing. But you don’t know who may be the person behind the open WiFi. Most of us set a password for our WiFi so that other people don’t use our data. Nobody is generous enough to give away data to unknown people without a reason. Even though there’s a possibility of people forgetting to set a password, it’s always better to not use such connections. This person can not only get your transaction details but your whole search history.

E-mails and links that are fishy

You may have encountered e-mails and links that ask you to click on them in order to avail a huge discount or because you have won a lottery. If you’re smart enough, you’ll be able to identify these harmful spam links that contain virus.

Never give your bank account or transaction details anywhere

Never give your monetary transaction details to any website except for genuine websites that can be trusted. Good websites will always have an online transaction authorization network which will act as a gateway for your transactions.