The workers attendance is maintained by the software. In this software there would be a machine at the entrance of the office. The workers should have to punch the button and the machine would recognize the worker’s name and his service at the company, his other details as blood group and his eye verification details etc. the eye is also has difference with one person to another person . This is found recently by the scientist and the eye particulars are observed in the camera and the worker would be identified easily by the machine. There would not be any confusion in the software to use. The time punch clock software is available to the companies absolutely for free to use for some time. During the free session a company need not pay any money. After the free period the software would not work, and the management should have to pay the money and restore the software again for the service. The main service is done by the software. In fact, if the management needs to check as the machine with the security workers, it would cost heavy amount. But in the mechanism the workers are correctly identified and their details also identified correctly. In case, a worker in the factory is meeting an accident and the blood is hosing, the blood group is identified and the worker is saved. This kind of special details cannot be saved in general. But in the software it needs all the details to identify the worker. So the management is taking the worker for the blood group test. The worker wages also identified by the above software, even the hour’s based worker’s details are identified by the above software and the software informs the payment details of the worker or workers. The management is not calculating anything and paying the money without any hesitation.

Payroll is the big headache for all the companies. There would be a big department doing this job, there would be minimum fifty workers would be working for the fixing pay for the workers, promotion of the workers, and the increased money after the promotion details etc. At the same time, the above software is calculating all the details in earlier time and informing the management of the pay roll of the total workers. The work of the software is heavy, but the price of the software is very low. That is the reason all the companies including the software companies are buying the above software and installing in the machine and the management is quite comfortable with the above system. The above software is completely free to use. After free time, it, expires the working mode, only at that time, the management should have to pay and reinstall the fresh software to be used for the future use. The new invention is the above biometric system, but very much useful system for all the offices including the government s. Almost all the governments are buying the above software now.