Session Border Controllers Protects Your VOIP

Communication, data, and information can be stolen from companies without any notice, and technology has made sure to eliminate this risk. Session Border Controllers are beginning to emerge as a top solution for companies to secure their communication channels, and prevent information loss or breach through their networks. Session Border Controller helps monitor and control VoIP networks, essential for many enterprises today. 


One of the vital roles of a Session Border Controller is to make sure all your communication in the network is safe.  Session Border Controllers keep track of the information flowing from one system to another, eliminating any security threats traveling in the network. The controller on your network can control the process of calls, from the moment it starts and until its end. They act like firewalls, ensuring that your communication is protected appropriately conducted from start to end.


Without Session Border Controllers, your different SIP’s will have a hard time communicating and transmitting information from one system to another, which may result in information breach. This lapse can be immediately being resolved through the border controllers, and ordinary gateways aren’t enough.

  • Session Border Controller serves as a border between networks, while gateways only provide conversions between a different interface in another service.
  • Gateways can result in communication interruption, and increased security issues. 

Session Border Controllers Protects Your VOIP


Session Border Controllers safeguards your VoIP from any malici9ous threats and activities, which regular firewalls are unable to process. While firewalls and Session Border Controller sound the same in terms of function, their foundation is vastly different.

  • Firewalls have a limited capacity of identifying SIP Signals, and its primary function revolves around controlling and screening network data, to prevent malicious activities from corrupting your network.
  • Session Border Controllers, on the other hand, scans SIP-enabled traffic, which provides better security in transmitting information from one end to another. It offers better protection and can identify and block intruders, eliminating the risk of identity or data theft, and other malicious activities.

Utilizing Session Border Controllers is necessary these days, to provide your business with the protection it needs. The amount of security you need depends on several factors, but regardless of the outcome the controllers necessary to provide an efficient and secure way of communication. If you believe safety is one of your primary concern in the company, Session Border Controller will be a necessary step in providing excellent protection for your network.