Carbon allotrope with dense two-dimensional packaging, graphene has a wide range of applications due to its unique properties. In addition to being a material with enormous resistance (about 200 times more than steel), it is a good conductor of heat and electricity. The use of graphene is more noticeable in electronic devices and touch panels.

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Graphene meets the criteria of a suitable material in terms of demand and applicability. It forms the basis for the structural development of other carbon allotropes, such as carbon, graphite and carbon nanotubes. Although graphene was born involuntarily long before its actual recognition, it was observed in 1962. Later, the study gave humanity a somewhat revolutionary entity, which simplified the path to the development of electronics, with the development of smartphones. one of the main ones.

Graphene won the Nobel Prize for his parents. Uniqueness in its properties, structure and composition is what makes it a special material in which scientists and manufacturers show absolute interest and faith. It is a stable composition, loaded with a number of advantages (useful and useful properties), which can be restored in the case of any hole in the sheet due to exposure to hydrocarbons. The following characteristics explain the uniqueness of graphene in terms of quality assurance, durability, and increased service life.


  • Graphene atoms can conduct a chemical reaction in two ways.
  • Defects and impurities increase their reactivity and activity.
  • Carries out effective heat conductivity and electric current.
  • The resistivity is low and the conductivity is high.
  • It has tremendous tensile strength due to very compact atoms.
  • Graphene withstands high temperatures due to high melting point.
  • Very reliable

In addition, graphene can be synthesized in various ways, depending on the specific application. In addition, it is the most popular material from manufacturers of cell phones and electronic devices. Giant smartphones, such as Samsung, are already using Graphene sheets for making touch screens of mobile phones, which guarantees the quality, durability and trouble-free operation of their products. In addition, it was announced that graphene has found application in the regenerative braking system of trucks.


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