If you are about to join the job market, or else you already hold a position with a company, but you are looking for a salary boost, you need to have the skills for which employers are hunting. If you are checking out IT positions, you can look at ITProTV or a similar company that can teach you some of the fundamentals. These are some skills for which hiring managers will be checking on your resume.


If you know how to code, then a lot of companies are going to be clamoring for your services. It’s not for everyone, but you can figure out if it’s something in which you have an interest by checking out sites like Codecademy, EdX, or FreeCodeCamp. If you know how to code, then it follows that you likely have many of the basic IT skills that go along with it. That’s going to make you an attractive candidate, and once you provide a demonstration of what you can do, you should be fielding job offers from many top companies.


Troubleshooting is somewhat of a wide-ranging term when it comes to technology. It could mean an entire skill set. If you’re the sort of person that can do troubleshooting for a company, then it’s you who is going to be turned to if something goes wrong, like when the network crashes, or you need to back up all of the business’s most vital data. If you’re a person who can troubleshoot, in the world of IT, it means that you’re a problem solver. Every company wishes that they had a few more of those.

Website Design

Website design is sometimes related to coding, but they’re not the same. Website design involves using a platform to set up a site for your company, either your own or for a client. It’s a tremendously marketable skill to have. If you can set up websites that are perfect for many different niches, with modern themes, intuitive UX, and graphics that work flawlessly, then that should go at the top of your resume.


SEO, or search engine optimization, means that you know how to use analytics tools to do keyword research to get your company’s website to rank highly in the rankings for Google and other search engines. SEO is a field that is continually changing, as some techniques go out of style and others become in vogue. If you know about not just basic SEO, but also the latest strategies for getting a site to rank, you can practically have your pick of companies for which you’d like to work.

Social Media Skills

Like SEO, social media usage is something that more and more businesses are finding useful. If you know how to set up a marketing campaign using social media that will bring in followers and lead to conversions for a company, then you’re going to be able to find a place for yourself sooner rather than later. The more different platforms with which you familiarize yourself, the better shape you will be in to land a plum position.

Any of these skills will put you in some rarified air, but if you have more than one of them, you should be able to command a more than respectable salary. If you’re passionate about what you do as well, then you’ve come up with the winning formula. You can not only make a good living yourself, but you can help your company out also.