IBM i hosting

IBM i hosting makes apps and websites accessible using cloud resources. It is not the same with traditional hosting, in which solutions are undeployed on a single server. Instead, a network of physical cloud and connected virtual servers host the app or website, securing greater scalability and flexibility.

The key features

Solutions and applications are deployed on a cloud network

Businesses only pay for the resources that have been used

Resources scale to user needs

Cloud hosting supports databases

Solutions are controlled and automated using web portals, APIs, and mobile apps.

IBM i hosting

Why choose web hosting?

With cloud hosting, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Flexibility. Traditional hosting services will offer limited bandwidth. The cloud hosting scales to accommodate seasonal demands and traffic spikes.
  • Reliability. Any hardware failure doesn’t cause downtime. The sites and apps are hosted on a network of services. The traffic travels across separate network interfaces, where it is secured and segregated.
  • Pay-as-you-go model. The users will only pay for the used resources by the hour or month. It is a setup that differs from the traditional hosting flat rates.

Things to consider for cloud hosting

IBM I hosting has several components offered that users would expect to get from getting their services:

  • Security. Clients must consider a provider with the following:
    • Operational/physical system and network
    • Application
    • Data security
  • Sensitive data. Businesses that work with sensitive data consider separating data at the hardware level with the use of a dedicated server.
  • Support. Cloud hosting providers offer tools and some offer specialist services in helping manage the cloud-hosted environment.
  • Performance. Latency can be an issue. Businesses must ensure reliability and sturdy internet connections?

IMB provides a reliable cloud hosting service that helps you share the content and pays for the used resources. Some of the common mistakes of the users are using more than one server. it is why it makes things complicated. But, why not opt for a one-stop platform rather than accessing several servers to access several components needed that should be in one platform.

The flexibility of speed solution deployment for an evolving organization’s need is significant both to the service provider and the client. In a conventional environment with a long-time background of Information Technology implementations, deploying a solution can never be easy within weeks without impacting the existing infrastructure or the available funding.

Cloud hosting provides the advantages and options of quicker solution deployment and reduced cost of operations and implementation.