iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage Repair

It is our standard practice to be overly cautious about handling our brand new mobile phones. Whenever we buy a new phone, we take maximum care so that our phones do not fall from our hands or are not subject to any damage. However, despite our immense efforts our mobile phones, which are commodities of regular use, falls from the side or gets exposed to some damaging element quite often. For this reason, every mobile company tries to make this device as sturdy as they can, but it cannot be made damage proof entirely.

Different kinds of cells have various features, and they need to be repaired in different ways, in case they are damaged in some way. So if you had recently got your Apple’s iPhone damaged because of water, then you are on the right page as this page discusses practical ways of iPhone water damage repair. Whether you got your phone dropped inside the toilet, sink or you got drenched in the rain with the mobile cell in your pocket is not a matter as long as any other substance other than water enters the cell. However, if along with the water, some other substance enters, then your¬†iphone 7 plus screen repair Singapore¬†procedure might vary a little. Just, for example, you forgot it in your jeans pant pocket and put it inside the washing machine; then along with water soap would also get into it, which would cause far more severe damage to your phone. Similarly, it goes with different other kinds of substances.

iPhone 7 Plus Water Damage Repair

Now, if you drop cell inside the water and pick it up immediately, in such case, you must put the power of the iPhone off. When the battery stays inside the water for a little time, it is not likely to get switched off immediately. When your phone remains inside water for a more extended period, most likely you would find the switched off when you take it out of the water. However, if you find it switched on, put it off. In no circumstance should you keep the phone on after you pick it up from the water for effective iPhone water damage repair.

For proper drying, this method of iPhone water damage repair requires a blow dryer. Before, you use the blow dryer; take a piece of cloth or tissue paper and wipe as much water as you can. Now shake the phone a bit so that water droplets that might have got inside may come out. With this, you would be able to protect your phone against prolonged effects it. Now with the blow dryer dry the phone at a low temperature.

Now the biggest trick to properly recover your iPhone from water damage is the use of rice or silica packets. Blow dryers cannot remove all the water that enters your phone. If you place your iPhone with a silica packet or rice (brown or white) in some airtight place for some days, then you would be able to recover the iPhone most suitably. After someday take the phone out and plug it in with a charger. Now, if it shows low battery then charge it well and use it, or if it indicates the need for restoring the data an iTunes icon would appear. If nothing seems but a black screen, you might use the disassembling and drying procedure of iPhone water damage repair by rubbing alcohol in the dismantled parts.