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Are you a blogger?

Do you hate or simply not rate social media highly?

Bloggers and social media are only seldom a harmonious combination. Bloggers tend to depend on organic traffic from search engines to draw in traffic. While they can use social media as well, many believe it to be useless and inconsequential when compared to the impact of high search rankings.

Despite not being overly fond of social media, most bloggers realize its importance in the long run. In order to convert a blog from being a content resource into becoming a brand, social media plays an undeniably important role.

This represents a clear pain-point for bloggers. They do not like the time they spend trying to promote their blog on social media. They cannot push social media aside to concentrate on blog content either. Between a rock and a hard place, bloggers find themselves in a quandary.

Enter MissingLettr

MissingLettr is an AI-driven social media tool that allows bloggers to completely automate their social media campaigns and reduce the time invested in social media considerably.

MissingLettr publishes new social media posts for a blog on various major platforms based upon published blog content. This is an activity bloggers tend to spend copious amounts of time doing. From sifting through each paragraph to find the right caption to scheduling each post according to the best possible time, bloggers poured in a lot of effort into improving their social media game.

MissingLettr essentially takes this problem and solves it for bloggers, businesses, and anyone else interested in automating social media. It takes published blog content, sifts through the content to write captions, and schedules them to the connected social media platforms.

How Does MissingLettr Work?

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Using a technology called Natural Language Processing, MissingLettr is able to pull out a caption from a given piece of content. Based on the requirement, it schedules social media posts for over a year using the same technique.

Bloggers have the choice of selecting how long they want to run the campaign, the number of posts they want MissingLettr to schedule, and the overall posting pattern.

Where Does MissingLettr Work?

MissingLettr works on several CMS platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix, SquareSpace, and Medium. It automates social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Additional Features

MissingLettr is also capable of adding relevant # tags to each post. It has an array of templates that can be used in social media posts. For bloggers seeking to create a sense of consistency and purpose, templates become an important factor.


MissingLettr is available to bloggers for $12/month. This plan is for bloggers seeking to promote one particular blog. Other plans for multiple blogs include the $37/month (for three blogs) and $117/month (for seven blogs).

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers the complete suite of features offered by MissingLettr.

About the Author – Alok Pandey is a digital marketer and content developer with many years of experience in the field. He currently writes for Eduburg, best known as a digital marketing Institute in Delhi.