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User experience

UX, short for user experience, is a very interesting and currently hot topic in the broadest sense. It can easily be explained by the experience that we will have while using or interacting with something and that something that we are interacting with can literally be anything in the world.

A site should be simple enough for everyone to understand

For a lot of people, UX is the interaction with technical devices, such as phones, software, computers, and websites. But many of us have a number of interactions with different objects every day, we just do not even think about it in that way.

The good and the bad

There is such a thing as a good experience as well as there is a bad one. Think of an interaction that you recently had, and would you qualify that as good user experience? This could be almost anything, maybe you contacted a customer support, or a website provided the information you needed. If this is the case, then you probably had a good time.

However, user experience gets more attention when it’s worse than when it is good. When we are experiencing great user experience, it is so seamless that many of us do not even think about it, we will just use it and move on. But, when we have bad user experience we will become frustrated, impatient and angry, which will cause us to complain.

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Create a website that is available on multiple devices

UX in IT industry

Sometimes in this industry the web designers and the developers will talk about UX in the below terms:

– User-centered design

– Usability

-Human Factors and Ergonomics

– UI and GUI (User Interface or Graphical User Interface)

– Human-computer interaction

But, it is inaccurate to think that user experience is simply one of the above mentioned items. The definition of user experience from ISO states that UX is something hat is concerned with all of the aspects of user’s experience when he/she is interacting with the service, facility, environment or product. This is why UX can’t be just simply explained as one might think.

Why should we care?

Well User experience is something that is meant for the users, so idf you want to attract many different customers who will become loyal to your brand, company, product or anything else, you need o provide good user experience.

Final word

As it was mentioned, only the bad user experience will be the one that everyone talks abut, so before launching your website or the product, you should make sure that you offer great user experience first. Having many people test that out is necessary for any product, service or website to not contain any avoidable errors. Be smart about it, and ask a professional if needed.