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About JustLogin 

JustLogin makes the work of SME and HR professionals very easy. It provides solutions that take off the burden from their shoulders. The customers are from all around the globe who are supplied with rich, dynamic and robust products from JustLogin as per their needs and expectations.JustLogin has won many awards like HRM Asia Reader’s choice awards for best HR management system and the HR vendors of the Year award for the best Payroll Software and best HR management system. JustLogin is ISO certified and is internationally recognised.

Customers can choose the right plan that is right for their business with JustLogin. Just choose and pay for the application from JustLogin that will help you serve better to your valuable clients. A free 14-day trial versions of some application are available at JustLogin that helps you decide if our application will work for you and help you serve the best to your clients. The pricing plans for various platforms offered at JustLogin is fixed for monthly basis in Hong Kong dollars.

Platforms at JustLogin 

JustLogin offers seven best platform to serve the SME and HR professionals. Have a look at them below.

  1. JustPayroll

JustPayroll is a fully automated payroll application with an easy to use dashboard. This JustPayroll application greatly helps to save time and energy. It helps to reduce errors that is otherwise done with calculators. They help to improve compliance with IRD and MPF regulations. The application is also available as mobile application in Android and Apple smart phone which greatly helps the employees to get automatic notification to view their payslips. JustPayroll is not a manual entry. It is fully integrated with QuickBooks online and Xero. It creates a smooth means to move the salary from the Payroll to the employee accounts. The leave and overtime hours are transferred by default to the JustLeave and JustClock to calculate for the payslip software.

  1. JustLeave

JustLeave does the employees absence management and is available on both Android and Apple devices. This helps the employees to check their leave balance, apply leave and upload medical documents if needed using the mobile application even on the go! The manager automatically approves the leave request and has option to enable or reject the leaves applied. This is in connect with the company’s leave calendar and easily helps the managers to see the employee availability for the day.

Payslip software

  1. JustClock

JustClock tracks the workforce time in any mobile device with the tap of In or Out. The face is recognised by the facial features using the AI. Those who work from remote places can login using their mobile device in both Android and Apple OS.

  1. JustExpense

JustExpense create expense reports on mobile and reimburses the employee salary aptly.

  1. JustBenefit

Employee benefits such as medical, dental, optical and travel can be managed in this one application called JustBenefit. It makes work paper-free and all the approvals can be seen online easily. Entire process is made simple and easy with JustBenefit.

  1. JustPeople

This application tracks and maintains each employee’s personal details, education details, employment history and digital documents that support them. It helps the organisation to save time and retain the best people with them.