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A true breakthrough in enterprise IT solutions, cloud services are continuously being used by a growing number of companies that want to benefit from their flexibility, availability, and cost effectiveness. The simplicity with which they can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures has driven their widespread adoption.

Cloud services aren’t likely to lose popularity any time soon.

While some experts laid out the issues that might have been, such as a lack of data security or issues around connections and downtime, there have been some significant issues. There are also too many big-name brands with cloud-based offerings. More specialized and larger-scale offerings appear daily as the competitive nature of data sharing and connectivity increases.

Understandably, many large, established companies have kept their existing back-end servers, not wanting to completely change their business IT infrastructure while using storage for specific tasks. Instead of replacing an existing storage network, companies have turned to the cloud to supplement their existing storage network, which can be done differently.

Cloud storage is useful for archiving data. The large amount of sensitive data that a business must handle safely and efficiently requires excellent data storage and logging. Cloud storage is a perfect option with a trusted provider, as a third party provider takes care of archiving, backup, and data protection.

Keeping data securely out of the office means reducing the number of hardware upgrades and expansions required to process ever-growing data files in-house. It makes storing data in the cloud very cost-effective, eliminating the cost of maintaining capacity and local storage capacity.

Cloud storage can, of course, also be used in reverse of this example. A company can store its most important data using an internal server and archive less important and sensitive data using an external cloud storage provider. There is total flexibility in integrating cloud storage with its existing IT infrastructure.

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As with cloud storage, cloud computing can be integrated with existing legacy computing systems, with a third-party service provider providing only select applications, such as corporate email. Again, the most important applications can be trusted with a reliable iSeries cloud services provider or kept while the service provider offers less important and important applications.

Having applications that require high availability, such as business email provided by an external cloud service provider, is a good solution because the online cloud platform can be easily accessed using a wide range of equipment from anywhere in the world.


Cloud services are here to stay, and all forward-thinking companies need to think about how cloud computing or storage can benefit their business.