Top Reasons Why Imovie is Better Video Editing Software

Do you love to do video editing and become professional in video editing? Then try the Imovie for Windows, which is incredible editing software with numerous types of features. If you use this video editing software, then you will make your video of Hollywood level. This software has numerous types of special effects which you can add in your video and give the cinematic touch to your video. The best thing about the Software is that it will not destroy the quality of the video. This software will easily add special effects, themes, sound effects, green-screen, and titles in the video, which makes the video quality look better.

Many professional and intermediate video editors use this software for the effective results in video editing. This software is good for editing the videos and also makes the video in the 4K stunning resolution of quality. Using this software for editing is an ideal choice because you don’t get top features like the Imovie software in any other software. This software gives the top-result in editing the video, which looks amazing to watch right after the editing is complete. In this software, you also share your videos directly in social media through this software help. You can share your video on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and through Email. This software is worked with Windows and gives an effective and positive result in video editing.

Imovie for windows

  • Sharing Option: The main thing why Imovie is different and better than other editing software is that it has plenty of sharing option in his interface. It is good to have features like this where you can directly upload your project on YouTube, CNN, Vimeo, and Facebook. This is the feature which makes the Imovie different from other editing software.
  • Hide Background Music: If you don’t want to compromise with the quality of video when you are editing the video, then using the Imovie for Windows is the best software to use. By using this software, it will help in lowered the noises which are happening in the background of the video. It will help in removing those noises and helps you in creating the top-notch quality of video after editing.
  • Detection of people: This is an ultimate feature of the Imovie, which helps in detecting the persons in the movie. But keep in mind that it is not for finding the specific person or their identities. It will help you in finding the people detection, and you can tag their name in the video. By using this feature of the Imovie will take more time, and you have to be patients at the time of detection of person.