The digital world we live in today has brought to light many new and unique ideas and talents that can be tapped. Strategies for marketing have seen a great shift. This also includes marketing your events for their virtual presence.  Uncertainties have been a blessing in disguise for exploring new avenues.

Virtual events have found great acceptance. By applying certain strategies you can reach a wider crowd. Any event management company Singapore can use the following promotional tips to help your event maximize audience population.

  • An appealing page for your event:

This is the foremost requirement to promote your event. You should create a specific page catering to the information about your event. Include all relevant details in it. This can be about the date and time of the event, the event agenda, speaker information, links to sign-up, and payment options.

To make your page enticing, you could also include some video clips of past events, recordings of the speeches by the speaker on other occasions, attractive animations, pictures of previous events, and other relevant information. The page should be such that they are easily attracted and sign-up immediately.

  • Use keyword optimization:

As you know Google ads can pick up the most commonly searched words. This can be used on your page to promote your events. Keyword planning tools help in optimizing the search thus helping in promotions. You can find out the relevant words that you can use through Google search. For any other words, you need to include, do a Google search and find out the auto-complete options it comes up with. These are promotional strategies that are proving great presently.

  • Using social media:

One of the most important and proven ways to increase awareness about your events is through social media. Instagram is a great way to promote your events. Use stories to highlight the important aspects of your event. Give them a trailer kind of what they can expect in the event. Also, include links for registration so that with a click they can be a part of your program. Countdowns on Instagram for upcoming events are also another way of promotion.

 Facebook is another good platform to use. You can create an events page on Facebook where checkboxes are provided for people to tick if they are interested and to bookmark the event. This will be shared among friends of those who are interested thereby increasing headcount.  This will give an idea to the organizer of how far his event reaches.

  • Post-event promotion:

This is one ignored part but an important one to promote your events. Save and share the content you demonstrated. You can create awareness that the recorded content is available on-demand. Share it on social media platforms so that it can reach people who were left out in the beginning.