We all know that eCommerce is playing a great role in the buying decisions of people. It is not without reason. There are many advantages to both the seller and the buyer in an eCommerce platform. Ecommerce website development helps in creating a platform that the clients and the seller benefit from.

    • It can overcome geographical barriers:

 Having a brick-and-mortar store will have a great disadvantage in the form of a limited number of customers. There is a retail store on every other street and so people living there will only visit the shop. Even after many years of establishment, there is no chance for the widening of business for the seller. With an eCommerce platform, you have the whole world waiting to be your customer. There is no restriction based on geography and anyone living in any corner of the world can use the services.

    • Can widen your base:

With a global presence, you can widen the customer base easily. As we saw above, in a physical store the same customer only makes repeat purchases. But when you have an online presence, more new customers can be gained. Your site can be found when they search for a product on the search engines on the internet. Even people who have not heard of your presence will try out now and your customer base thereby multiplies.

    • Low costs:

The biggest advantage of eCommerce is the low cost as compared to a physical store. There is no major setup cost for an online store. This, the eCommerce store is able to pass on to the customers as reduced prices. Also, the cost in terms of advertisement, manpower needed is much lower in an online store.

    • Convenience to shoppers:

The online store has complete listing categories that can be filtered as per the needs of the customer. There is no need to search the aisles of a store or ask for assistance. This provides great convenience to the shoppers and paves way for repeat purchases. For every need, there is an exclusive site and shopping has become very affordable and comfortable at the same time.

    • Comparative shopping is possible:

Customers are able to compare the products with other similar products available online. This is not possible when they buy from a physical store as they have to travel to different places to find out the comparative price. The customer can be sure that he has hit the right bargain by doing a comparison.