The real benefit of hosting and maintaining a blog is a quick way to get your business to the internet market. Search engine marketers and bloggers have proven that blogging can effectively bring value to your website or business. When you decide to host a blog on your website, the first question is where to start a blog, on your website or separately.

 Each has its benefits that will help your site.

There are two ways to host your blog, either create an account on blogging platforms or install your blogging software on your website. Placing a blog as a subdomain of your website seems like a professional approach and is often preferred by those looking to improve their website’s search engine rankings by using a blog as a tool.

Search Engine Ranking Benefits

Setting up your blog as a subdomain on an existing website also improves your websites’ search engine rankings. Any new content added to your blog will be treated as new content on your main website. Every new blog post you create is indexed easier and faster than regular web pages. It improves your main website’s indexing and visibility if the blog is hosted on the same domain name.

Benefits of backlinks

If you host your blog on your primary domain, all backlinks will benefit your primary domain. If your blog is on an external domain, backlinks will not be sent directly to your main site. You can still benefit from extracting and links from your stand-alone blog to your main website using cross-links. But to profit from cross-linking from your external blog, you will need to be successful.

Brand targeting for business owners

Some website owners or commercial companies may start blogging with a brand new domain name. It can help if you want to differentiate between branding your website and your blog. If the blog you are creating is not directly related to your main website’s content, you may not want to combine them under the same domain name.

If you are looking to strengthen a collective brand for your business rather than creating a new brand for your blog, setting up a blog as part of your main website will help. If the blog is installed in your existing website’s subfolder, the blog will include your primary domain name in the address bar and appear as a single whole.

Technical resources

If you start blogging using one of the free blogging platforms, you don’t need to install any software, and your blog can be set up in a few simple steps.


Another common reason for setting up an external blog outside of your main business website is to be able to use one of the many free PBN LTD Hosting services available. Most of the leading social media websites also allow users to create their blogs using their website.