The Fun Facts About Vapes

E liquids are liquids that people put in vapes. It comes with a ton of flavors from classic like apple and strawberry to some crazy ones like cheesecake and rainbow. Depending on your preference, it can have a regulated dosage of nicotine or simply none. These vapes had been pretty popular these past few years and it just keeps getting better and better.

Vapes (as what people are calling it right now) are used to be called e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes were used by people that want to slowly shy away from smoking. Although this wasn’t the most widely accepted method of getting clean, many people still take it. E-cigarette was also featured in the movie The Tourists where it was advertised as an e-cigarette; people weren’t going to argue with Johnny Depp on that one since when it became mainstream. It was shaped and designed like an actual cigar.

best e liquid flavors

Vape’s hardware evolution: Since vape is purely electronic, it wasn’t long before vapes upgraded and wanted to shy away from the stigma that it’s an e-cigarette. Hardcore vapers don’t even like the term e-cigs because now vapes are more robust and you need to have certain skills in order to puff it properly versus cigars. Frankly, it has a ton of smoke that is like 20x more versus a regular e-cigar and let’s face it, it’s way cooler to smoke in a mod.

The availability of vape products: Availability of these vape shops and vape stores isn’t even an issue. Because they are all over the place. From actual physical stores to online, you won’t be short of finding the best mods, the best coils, the best e liquids and more, because it’s everywhere. It’s too mainstream now and widely accepted that there are even instances that it’s even more available than cigars.

It’s all about the e-liquids: But the real star of these vapes is something that any cigar can’t do. The various flavors that are available today. Just think about it, did you think you can smoke a strawberry cheesecake? Or bubblegum, vanilla ice cream, butterscotch, durian? And these are just a scratch on the surface flavors because there are hundreds of thousands of flavors available worldwide and they are all in the form of an e-liquid.

Although there are a ton of e-liquids available today in almost everywhere, there are e-liquid makers that created flavors that stood out above the rest. These flavors are the most popularly bought and are considered as best sellers. These best e liquid flavors are the most widely sought e liquids around, nicotine, to little or more nicotine, these flavors are very popular all year round that there are even times that it’s getting hard in getting them sometimes and even these e-liquids are just a small scratch in the surface.

  • gummy bears
  • cotton candy
  • green tea
  • lime
  • peach
  • cheesecake
  • cereal
  • mustard

Vapes are very popular and widely accepted these days, that’s why it evolved into these various shapes that are very far from when it was first advertised. Its appeal is also because of the various flavors that you can put in these mods, nicotine or no nicotine. these are called e-juices and these things significantly affect your vaping experience.